Tuesday, July 14, 2009

A typical dinner in my house

You know, in a perfect world you sit down for dinner promptly at 6pm. The table is clean, the table is set with plates, napkins and silverware, dishes of food placed in the middle for everyone to pass. You know, real June Cleaver type stuff.

But...we're not perfect in our house, or anything close. We shove all the crap that has accumulated on the table to one end, wipe off any left over syrup that might be lingering from breakfast and make room for the 4 of us to eat. We fill our plates in the kitchen, hopefully we have enough clean plates b/c one by one they're disappearing. Damn those cheap Bed Bath and Beyond plates that break even when you just slightly toss them in to the sink! We use paper towels because I don't bother buying napkins AND select a size paper towels, that just seems silly.

What is going to follow, is the conversation that took place this evening, at 8pm while eating our dinner that consisted of frozen ravioli with jarred sauce for the boys and left over wheat pasta with veggies and a black bean burger for me.

M: (that would be me) Dinner's ready!!!
T1: Coming
T2: *banging on tray b/c I am obviously not stuffing his face fast enough*
M: How was your day, hun? *we do try to be :civilized at times*
HH: Sucked...*goes on to talk about things you really won't care about. I only care b/c you know, he's my husband*
T1: Um, why is there no... *standing in his towel with dripping wet hair*
M: Excuse me? Is daddy talking? Do we interrupt when other people are talking? *yes, I clearly interrupted him to tell him this*
T1: No, but...
HH: Please sit down and eat your dinner.
T1: I was just going to say, why is there no fork?!
HH: Oh, *looking at me* that is a good question...
M: I realize you don't have a fork, I was going to say that you could get one after you get dressed. You are not sitting at the dinner table naked. *again, we really do try to be civilized*
T1: But I'm not dried off!
M: Please go dry off and get your clothes on. At least put underwear on, please.
HH: *continues with his work story*
T2: *more banging on tray and throwing sippy cup down, splashing milk on my leg*
T1: Hey daddy...
HH: Yes...*obviously giving up on his story at this point*
T1: I found a spider upstairs, a real one this time not a pretend one.
HH: Oh yea?
M: Please eat your dinner, you need to get to bed
T1: *bite* yea, a real one. it was in the corner by the laundry shoot, so I poured water on it and then it was on the carpet.
HH: There is no carpet in the bathroom
T1: NO...*clearly getting aggitated*
M: you mean it ran in to the hall, on the carpet?
T1: Well, it floated. It was still alive when I poured the water on it...
HH: It floated? How much water did you pour?
T1: Not much, it's fine, I already mopped it up.
M: With what?
T1: My towel

**fast forward 15 minutes later while T1 is upstairs getting his book for bed**

M: What is that noise?
HH: I don't know...

*drip, drip drip*

HH: Don't tell me that is water? That is fucking water, isn't it?
M: Um, I think so but I can't tell where it's coming from
HH: Dammit! How much water did he dump on that spider?!

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*Noelle* said...

just caught this one! LOL!!! you guys are a riot!!