Monday, July 20, 2009

The voice of reason

I apologize in advance that there is no actual picture to accompany this post. It's on my phone and I can't get it off my phone. Well, maybe I can, somehow...but I'm lazy and I'm not going to figure that out right now.

We headed to the Toledo Zoo on Thursday to meet my bloggy frien Noelle. We were paired up for a swap a few months ago and found that we have a lot in common...including adorable boys! The zoo was a blast, I can't wait to go back! I do have pics from that, but that will probably be a post for another day. I haven't even taken them off the camera yet!

On the way to the zoo I was behind a full size van that had a window ac unit in the back window. It was just like something out of those email forwards that are so popular.
This is not the actual picture but here is one I found online:

So of course while cruising along at 75 mph I had to get a picture. Yes, I'm also the girl that talks/texts while driving and has been known to put all of her makeup on while at the wheel. Whatever.

I showed the picture to a few people, we all laughed.

I showed my dad over the weekend, he says "oh, looks like someone was using their van for camping".

Now dad, why do you have to have a reasonable (although still pretty ghetto) excuse for it?! That takes all the fun out of it. Damn the voice of reason.

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*Noelle* said...

that pic still cracks me up SO bad!! i wouldn't want to camp in a van like that! i still think it was someone with a ghetto ac unit!! LMAO!!