Tuesday, August 18, 2009

I wanna play too!

My friend Noelle did a questions post and since I'm a cool follower, I want to play too!

So, here's the deal...you ask, I answer.

Anything, everything...whatever. Clearly, if you've read the post below I have no shame.

So come on...let's play!!
I'll answer everyone in the comments section. I'm sure there has to be something you want to know...or maybe not, but ask something anyway to make a girl feel loved. K? Thanks. :)

1 comment:

*Noelle* said...

oooh, i am 1st!! that means I get to ask about you and handsome hubby's LOVE STORY!! juicy details please!! where did you meet? did you know he was the ONE? etc. etc. etc.!!

hugs ♥