Wednesday, August 5, 2009


I have been a slacker...I'd like to say I have an excuse but really, I'm just a slacker.

We spent Sun-Tues camping, just HH and I with another couple. 2 days of adult conversation, yummy food, lots of alcoholic beverages and SLEEP.

We found this in the woods near our campsite.

Dinner Monday night:

Wait, need a better picture? SURE YOU DO:

Foil packs and corn on the cob cooking on an open fire. YUMMY!


Andrea (ace1028) said...

Waving hi from one red-headed Mama to another! :)

Tiaras said...

what is in the foil pack??

The Red Headed Mama said...

The foil pack consists of:

layer of sliced potatoes
cubed steak (sometimes chicken or burger)
red pepper
seasoning, Worcestershire sauce & butter

HH's add ons:
mushrooms and A1

*Noelle* said...

sounds YUMMY! its summer, you are allowed to be a slacker!! lol hope you guys had a fun camping trip and remembered to pack supplies to make blue margaritas??? hehehe!!

hugs ♥