Friday, September 25, 2009

The post I almost forgot about

One of the many sitting in my "draft" folder just waiting to be posted. Poor poor neglected posts. They're the red headed step children of the blog. *sigh*

My parents went out of town for a few days. I decided to spend that time cleaning out their living room. You see, we had a yard sale and all of my stuff was sitting in boxes and rubbermaid just waiting to be put on ebay, taken to goodwill or just tossed. Except, well, the yard sale was back in July and that pile o' crap was still there. Over 2 days I loaded it all up and brought it home, where it is now piled in my kitchen. Hey, it's out of their living room!! I hit Goodwill and found them coffee table for $15 with cubbies to put the kids toys. I cleaned/organized the closet to put the kids books and toys they don't play with as much so they're out of site. I think it was a vast improvement to an otherwise (IMO) ugly room. (sorry mom!...not that she reads, but you know, just in case)

I forgot to take a before, but this is what it was when I did remember...after I had started sorting. The boxes/containers were all piled as neatly as you could pile junk before I started.

**this was almost 2 weeks ago. Yes, I'm a bit behind. sue me**

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*Noelle* said...

you did a great job!! wanna come clean my house?? lol