Sunday, September 6, 2009

The "Rules"

My friend Brooke posted about letting her son break the rules.

It got me thinking...who makes the rules?

I mean, who says it's bad to let my kids eat bread for dinner and ice cream for breakfast? Who says that letting them stay up until 10 so they'll sleep until 9 is wrong? What holier then thou man or woman deemed it unacceptable to bribe your children with candy and treats so that you can get just 5 minutes of quiet while walking through the store? Why is it wrong that I don't have covers on my light sockets or latches on my cupboards...both kids are alive without incident (well, accept that time T1 pulled a bookshelf on top of himself, but yea...that was a fluke)
I may or may not have done all of the above at some point in time.

See, when T1 was born and up until he was probably 4, I didn't know many of these rules existed. I was winging it and making it up as I went along. He turned out okay, so far. With T2, I know so much more then I knew before. I have so many more resources then I had before, which I love, but it also puts pressure to be that perfect mom. Kids should have bed times, kids should eat three balanced meals a day, they should not have ice cream for breakfast, you should not plop them in front of the tv so that you can sit and check your email...the list goes on. I'm sure we all do things that we would die if some of our other mommy friends found out about because of guilt.

Well, ya know what? Starting now...damn the rules! Whoever it is that created them doesn't live in my house, they don't have my kids and if they want to tell me that they could raise them better then I can...I'd like to see them try!

When did we decide that living by the rules was more important then living in the moment?

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Brooke said...

Here, here! I'm with you on that one. I got so mad at my SIL's house yesterday. Connor is clingy if he's uncomfortable and/or doesn't know you. Her mother came up to me and told me I need to get him around other people. If I could have become a fire breathing dragon, I would have. Don't tell me how to raise my kid. GRRRRR.