Wednesday, September 9, 2009

What if I squeeze them?

T1: Mommy, where is that toy I borrowed?
M: I don't know glancing over T1 go put some clothes on and dry your hair! You are not playing toys until you are dressed.
T1: *sigh* where are my pajamas?
M: Look in your room. Why are you grabbing yourself, are you okay?
HH: (chiming in) Gotta go pee?
T1: NO! I just don't know what these big ol' ball things are. They're huge
M: Trying really hard not to laugh. Daddy?
HH: Those are testicles*
T1: What happens if I squeeze them?
HH: It'll hurt, I don't recommend doing that. Now please, go get dressed
T1: Okay!

M: still laughing
HH: What was that "Daddy"?
M: Well, you're the one with the matching parts
HH: Maybe we should have had that girl

*I can only imagine that internet searches that will now bring people to my blog.


Karol said...

I swear! Your child is the funniest thing!'t stop

Brooke said...

Okay that was awesome. Alan's going to love that story.

*Noelle* said...

omg!! he is so funny!!

natalie said...

Oh, my. Is it ok that I just silently wished for another girl?? ;)