Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Sleep is over rated anyway

I'm sick, baby is sick, hubby is out of town...and here I am, wide awake because the cold meds haven't made me pass out yet...but have made me just dopey enough to make doing anything more complicated then blogging, impossible.

So, while I'm waiting to crash, I bring you this conversation:

T1: Oh crap!
M: Hey, you don't say that.
T1: But Jimmy* says crap all the time. He said it 3 times today.
M: Well, I don't want to hear you saying it.
T1: What about "Oh crudnuts"
M: Can't you just say Oh Crud?
T1: but that's boring
M: *sigh*
T1: How about ass? Is ass a bad word? Can I say ass?
M: NO! You can not say that, I don't want to hear you say that again.
T1: But Jimmy says it, and his mommy doesn't like it either.
M: Well then he shouldn't say it.
T1: But she's not around when he says it
M: *sigh* Santa is watching.
T1: Yea, you're right. I probably shouldn't say ass.

*changed to protect the "innocent"

Or how about this gem from last night:

T1: T2 gets to have all the fun!
M: He's sick, that's not much fun
T1: Yea, but he doesn't have to go to school
M: You're right, he gets to stay home and take naps
T1: I want to stay home
M: Are you sick?
T1: No, but what if I faked sick so I could stay home?
M: You're too young for that, eat your dinner.

Seriously?! Fake sick?! Don't I have a few more years before he's holding the thermometer up to the light and complaining of stomach pain the miraculously disappears just as it's too late to go to school?! *sigh*


natalie said...

Oh, yikes... I'm waiting for when Chloe tries the 'fake sick.' I really was thinking we had a little more time for that!

'Can I say ass?' Hahaha! I just know this next little one is going to be just like him ;)

*Noelle* said...

what a character!!! does the T in T1 stand for TURD now? lol