Thursday, December 31, 2009


Here we are on NYE and as usual, everyone wants to talk about resolutions. Everyone makes them, even if you say you don' do. There is something that you tell yourself you are going to change this year. Something you are going to do differently, wrongs you are going to make right. Or maybe some rights you just want to make wrong, hey, whatever floats your boat!

So, let's revist my resolutions from last year shall we:

1. Attempt to keep my house in order. Not just throw everything in the closet b/c people are coming over order...I mean real order. Like toys actually have homes and my couch is not constantly covered in the never ending cycles of laundry.

2. Be debt free by the end of the year. This is pretty much an ongoing thing. Luckily, we don't accumulate more, we're just still paying off the old stuff. Eh,'s a work in progress. We've paid of 3 of the biggies and another will be gone by the end of Jan...that leaves 2 bigger ones (a student loan and a CC) and 1 small one (the other student loan) left.
We're not debt free but we did get one of those loans paid off and a decent chunk put in to savings.

3. Attempt to be a better mom and appreciate the time I spend with my boys...rather then wanting to claw my eyes out if I have to play one more game of I-spy.
Eh, I have my moments b/c seriously you can only play the same game over...and over...and over again without wanting to run screaming in to a blue margarita. Over all, I wouldn't say it was a fail, necessarily...

4. Plan more date nights. We need this...I think everyone needs this.
FAIL. What can I say, we suck at planning date nights. We did get better at taking time each week to just snuggle and watch a show or a movie after the kids are in bed. So, maybe not a total fail

This year, I'm keeping it simple.

1. Save more money. We have less income but I still want to save more. I need to be better about the budget and I need to just spend less.

2. Organize my 1800000 pictures, digital and prints, in to albums. Create back ups of all our pictures and videos.

3. Survive another year of raising 2 boys.

And yea, that's pretty much it. I might still Jen's idea of setting monthly goals, I like that....but I'm kind of a lazy whore, so we'll see.

What are your resolutions this year??

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Why do I find time to blog on Wednesday?

And yet I suck at finding time the rest of the week? Hmmm.

Whew. Who else is happy to see Christmas behind us? Don't get me wrong, I LOVE Christmas...I just don't love the aftermath of it all. The piles of toys that have no homes, the new clothes that need put away, the stuff you don't want/need but yet now have. Come on, you know it's true! Every year some well meaning family member sends you something ridiculous. So, what did YOU get this year? :)

I have a whole toy post planned out but it's going to have to wait. I don't have that much time today :)

And with that, I leave you with these. Ah, my boys.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009


That means it's okay to post a half assed blog entry, right?

Oh, what's that? All my recent blog entries have been half assed? Ah yes, I suppose that is true!

At any are pics. Family fun time with my boys.

I have no idea what they are doing, but they were having fun doing it!

He looks so tiny

and yet...not

With Santa:

Merry Christmas!! I probably won't be around for a few more days (shocking, right?)

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Ah, time to blog

I'm sitting here, at my cluttered desk with only the Christmas lights on, sipping an adult beverage and it finally feels like Christmas. Granted, we don't have snow, but my shopping is done...I have a closet full of hidden gifts and a kitchen filled with cookies. I have back to back holiday parties this weekend...and honestly? I couldn't be happier.
I'm one of those rare breeds that actually enjoy Christmas shopping. No, really. I do. I like picking out gifts, especially for my boys and I can.not.wait. for them to open them next week. I might be more excited then the almost 7 year old.

Speaking of him, yes he'll be SEVEN in THREE WEEKS!! Holy freaking cow. We're taking him to stay in a fancy hotel (free night!) and then hitting the Natural History Museum. Then sometime later in the month he'll have a sleepover with some of his best buds. Lord help me!
He was making his teacher a Christmas card today....I helped him spell it all out and then told him he could draw a picture. He thought for a moment and then replied "Can I draw me and Mrs. O shooting guns with fire bullets at cans?!"
Um, no sweetie. I was thinking maybe a Christmas Tree?
"Oh, I don't know how to draw that"
Oy. I haven't looked at the finished product, but I think it is some sort of tree.

I spent today doing the following:
T2's hair cut
Craft Store
Attempted nap - FAIL
Baked mint chocolate chips cookies, lemon cake cookies and no bake cookies
put together 2 cookie trays
wrapped ribbon on 26 rice krispy treats for T1 to take to school tomorrow.
and managed to feed everyone in there at some point. It's a bit of a blurr.

And now...I blog. Ahhh...peace and quiet and I feel like a bit of the stress is leaving my body. That is, until I remember that ohmyfuckinggod my inlaws are going to be at my house 2 days after Christmas and ohmyfuckinggod what am I going to feed them? This will be a whole other post in itself. Short story, in the 10.5 years Jared and I have been together, his dad has only been to our house, maybe 5 times...for no longer then 20 minutes. His dads wife, only once. They're coming to spend the day with yea, ohmyfuckinggod my house will be a disaster and look like Toys R Us exploded. Must distract with food and cute kids.

Monday, December 7, 2009

Christmas Funk

I generally love Christmas, I'm usually eager to hang the lights and get the tree up. I actually LIKE Christmas shopping. I love picking out gifts for people that I know will make them happy, especially my boys.

This year though, I don't know, I just can't get in to it. Maybe it's b/c November was so unseasonably warm. Maybe it's b/c money is tight or maybe I'm just turning in to a cynical old bitty.

The tree is up but it's not decorated. The stockings are hung but the rest of the decorations are still in the boxes. Thing 1 is sick, so decorating will be put off another day or two and that would usually bum me out...but not this year. This year I just don't care. Just call me lady grinch.

I am almost finished with my shopping...and I am excited about the things I bought. We found T1's much requested Devastator and the baby will simply be happy playing with the boxes and wrapping paper. Of course he'll get some gifts as well, like the Little People Farm House. :)

Oh...and to add some stress to my Christmas Funk, I found out the in-laws will be coming for a visit the Sunday after Christmas. Oy. It's a story for another day, but HH and his father have a strained relationship, at best. His step-mom is not the nicest person or the easiest person to get along with. At least the boys will be here as a distractions. They haven't seen T2 since he was a month old. :/

Wow...this was just a grinchy ass post. Sarcasm and bitchiness coming back soon, promise.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

A conversation with myself

Allow me to set the scene. I just put T2 down for a nap and am thinking now would be a good time to shower. Showering is just as important as the dishes, laundry and work I should be doing. Yes, I think I'll shower.

Hmm, it's been awhile since I weighed myself.
I did already eat breakfast though.
Eh, whatever, let's do this.

....oh, damn. Guess I haven't lost any more by eating Chipotle and drinking Starbucks. I'm shocked.

In case you are wondering, I've been bouncing between 3 numbers that are okay but still 5lbs heavier then I was last November. Blah

Getting in the shower

I should probably lay off the cookies
oh, cookies. I should bake a couple mint chocolate chips ones when I get out. Those sound good.
Wait, how is that laying off the cookies?

I'm so going to blog about this.
If I don't forget.
Everytime I say I'm going to blog about something, I forget about it.
Should I really start a blog about getting in the shower?
Eh, whatever.
I've really been slacking in the blog department. No new posts and thanks to google reader I rarely leave comments. I really need to fix that. I'm a bad bad blogger friend.

And after mind wandered off to think about Christmas lists and how on earth I'm going to find this damn Transformer that T1 wants for less then $100. Oy. Tis the season.