Monday, December 7, 2009

Christmas Funk

I generally love Christmas, I'm usually eager to hang the lights and get the tree up. I actually LIKE Christmas shopping. I love picking out gifts for people that I know will make them happy, especially my boys.

This year though, I don't know, I just can't get in to it. Maybe it's b/c November was so unseasonably warm. Maybe it's b/c money is tight or maybe I'm just turning in to a cynical old bitty.

The tree is up but it's not decorated. The stockings are hung but the rest of the decorations are still in the boxes. Thing 1 is sick, so decorating will be put off another day or two and that would usually bum me out...but not this year. This year I just don't care. Just call me lady grinch.

I am almost finished with my shopping...and I am excited about the things I bought. We found T1's much requested Devastator and the baby will simply be happy playing with the boxes and wrapping paper. Of course he'll get some gifts as well, like the Little People Farm House. :)

Oh...and to add some stress to my Christmas Funk, I found out the in-laws will be coming for a visit the Sunday after Christmas. Oy. It's a story for another day, but HH and his father have a strained relationship, at best. His step-mom is not the nicest person or the easiest person to get along with. At least the boys will be here as a distractions. They haven't seen T2 since he was a month old. :/

Wow...this was just a grinchy ass post. Sarcasm and bitchiness coming back soon, promise.


*Noelle* said...

well, i guess i am turning into an old bitty too! cause i am in a MAJOR funk this year! a lot of it is everything going on with my dad but financial concerns as well. i've been buying like one gift a week the past 3 weeks; which is unlike how i've shopped for xmas before. its depressing but i know i need to keep my head up for the boys! mommy can't make xmas suck for them!!

holiday hugs ♥

natalie said...

Sorry to hear about the in-laws. You can come hide somewhere with me, if you want :)