Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Just a friendly public service announcement

Do you have Facebook?
Are you "fans" of random businesses on your Facebook?

If you answered no, well, you can go ahead and read but it's really pointless for you. If yes, then please read.

If you are a Fan of, say, Chipotle: When they post something, do not reply in the comments saying how they suck and their food is gross. Really? Why are you a fan then? And really, you have nothing better to do with your time then to tell a computer screen that they suck? You don't really think anyone that cares reads that, do you?

I am a fan of Walgreens, they ran a deal a few months ago where you got a free photobook if you became a fan. I'm a sucker for free.
Today they post something about a big announcement on Oprah. The comments that followed were a lot of Oprah bashing (back off!!) and then a lot of whining about Walgreens selling beer. Who doesn't want to be able to pick up tylenol, bread and beer all in the same place?!

As for Oprah...I happen to like her. Sue me. One of the comments was:
you gotta be kidding LOL some of us work during the day it's for those soccer mom & dads who "work at home" or do "housework". Personally most of those talk shows are for those who live vicariously through others. Pretty useless.

I kind of wanted to reach there my computer and slap her but I didn't because I had "housework" to do and then I had to do some "work" while at home. Whore.

And no, I didn't read all the comments, that was the most recent when it popped up in my news feed.
Didn't your mother teach you "if you can't say something nice, don't say anything at all". Apparently not, whore.

What? That's not nice? It's okay, my mom never taught me that either.

Point being...don't try to start a debate or complain about a business on a FB FAN PAGE. Dumb dumb dumb.


Sara Elizabeth said...

I agree. I have seen people go ape shit in thread on Fan Pages. I think a lot of loser join Fan Pages of things they specifically hate, just to fight.

I was a member of a Whale Wars Fan Page. I commented on a video they posted in support of what they were talking about. This lady totally picked me out of all of the comments to attack. She went as far to message me when I ignored her bashes in the thread. I finally replied back telling her she could go fuck herself. lol

Paige said...

Yeah, first of all - how lame is arguing with a company on facebook? No one reads that crap.

Second - what an ass! did she actually use quotes around "housework" and "work" I mean what a total asshole. Jealous much?

♥ Noelle ♥ said...

oh i know!!! i am a fan of taylor swift on FB and this dickhead is on HER FAN PAGE, bashing her that she shouldn't have won a grammy!!!! what a jackass!!

Anonymous said...

good, i just added tons of bran-new emo backgrounds for my blog