Sunday, February 7, 2010

What? 2 posts in one day?

And okay, they are two pointless posts but work with me here. I've had a few margaritas, I'm watching commericials the superbowl and hanging out with my hubby. The kids are sleeping and this is what I have to do in between commercials

So, the topic of my second pointless post of the day: General Hospital. And, I want to know what you think. Come on, I know some of you have to watch, right? RIGHT?

Team Jax or Team Carly? (btw, if you haven't watched Friday's you may not want to continue reading)

I am totally team Carly on this one. Now don't get me wrong I love Jax with his autralian accent and blue eyes and I certainly wouldn't kick him out of bed
my house BUT Carly is so right. He knew what he was getting in to when he married her and I hate that he lied to her. Dumb Dumb Dumb. It's Carly, come on now!!!

Liz/Lucky or Liz/Nik?

As much as it would be nice to see one couple stand the test of time without her falling in to bed with his family member, I'm on team Liz/Nik. They were HOT and I liked them sneaking around, call me a whore. :) I wish that they'd bring back some of Liz's spunk and sass like when she was a teen. That was fun.
Speaking of spunk and Sam/Jason. LOVE. If they make her stupid like they do with every female that comes in to contact with Sonny or Jason for too long I am going to be LIVID. I won't stop watching b/c that is just crazy talk, but I will be pissed.

Do you love or hate Luke and Tracey? I used to just roll my eyes and get annoyed but the longer they are together, the more I like them. I think they're a good pair. She's a fantastic match for Luke when it's all said and done.

Love Ethan...LOVE!
Hate Kristina. She's annoying. How did we go from her stripping for Jason to this simpering whining mess? Ugh.
Michael...he can go back in to a coma for all I care.
Favorite couple right now: Dominic/Dante and Lulu!! They make me smile, a lot. Plus, he's hot.

And...last but not least...Olivia: Team Sonny or Team Johnny? I'm undecided. I used to hate Olivia and Johnny but they've grown on me.

Okay...make me feel like less of a loser and reply with your thoughts. Or not.

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