Friday, March 26, 2010

The way a book feels

Have you ever bought a book because it felt good in your hands?

While I can understand the appeal of the Kindle and other e-readers, I like the way books feel and smell. I like turning down the pages and bending the covers back while I read. Something about flipping the pages, waiting to see what is going to happen. I love it.

I was at the store today just looking through books and I picked up The Time Travelers Wife. I've been wanting to read it before I see the movie but it has an insane wait list at my library. I didn't plan on buying it, I just picked it up out of habit but as soon as I did, I had to buy it. It was the way it felt in my hands, the pages are thin but heavy and it's one of those "chic lit" sized paperbacks. It just felt like the kind of book I would keep on my bookshelf for years.

I'm such a dork.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Random updates

Let's see...things around here are a little less cloudy. I wouldn't go so far as to say normal but really, who wants to be completely normal? That's kind of boring. Handsome Hubby and I have done a lot more talking lately, I've been more open then normal and actually speaking up when I'm happy, sad or annoyed. When I think something, I say it, rather then just keeping it to myself. Random example: I was coming upstairs to go to bed after a GH marathon, HH was walking out of the bathroom and back to our room in a pair of swishy pants and no shirt, I just caught a glimpse of him and he looked freaking HOT. Now, we've been together almost 11 years (next month) so I've seen him in every level of undress but something about that moment was just gorgeous. Normally I would grin and think that but I wouldn't say anything. Not b/c I was embarrassed to find my husband attractive, I don't really know why I wouldn't say anything. I just wouldn't. So, when I went to bed, I told him. Of course he laughed and totally thought I was joking, I had to reassure him that I was indeed being serious. It's little things like that, things that seem incredibly insignificant but once I start speaking up, I don't feel like there is so much going on in my head and it's easier to relax. So, when I get annoyed that he just dumped dirty blankets on top of the laundry basket of clean clothes, I say it. I think at times HH might be regretting the fact that his encouraged this whole new open and honest me.
There are still some aspects of my life where I bite my tongue and try to keep it to myself, I do still have a filter...and I use it. Probably too much, but hey, baby steps, right?

I think I mentioned before that my oldest stopped saying I Love You and it nearly broke my heart in to a million pieces. We started a tickle game where I had to tickle it out of him...and now he's decided that instead of I Love You, he says Blanket. I'll take it. As he gets older I'm kind of bummed about being right. When he was a baby/toddler he was a total mama's boy. He wanted nothing to do with HH and at times HH was hurt by that. I always told him that there would come a day when Daddy was the cool guy and mommy was chop liver. Well, unfortunately for me, that day has come. :/ I'm thrilled that he loves his daddy and thinks daddy is super cool (he is) and smart (definitely) but it also makes me sad that my little boy isn't such a little boy anymore...and that mommy is the uncool one.

As for the youngest, well, he's insane. I can't believe he turns 2 in just a few months. Oh, and he doesn't talk. No really, he doesn't. He babbles, he yells, he grunts and he can say 3 words: car, ball and nana. Once in awhile I get mama. He used to say dada but that has gone out the window. Some days this really bothers me, especially when I see other kids his age and younger speaking clearly and often...but I also know that his brother was the same way and that once they start, they don't stop. I know one day soon the flood gates will open and before I know it I'll have two mouthy boys instead of one that's mouthy and one that is just c.r.a.z.y.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Now I forget what I was going to blog about

I'm on the lap top watching Monsters Vs. Aliens with the boys.
I popped open my blog with the intentions of doing another Vegas post, maybe, but now I forget. You see when I opened the page Thing 1 points and says "Hey there's Four. Until he died." Just like that, completely matter of fact. Oh that kid.

He also decided over dinner tonight that he wants to write a commercial but he needs a video camera. When we questioned what this commercial would be for, he said beer. "It's good for you and the best thing to drink!" He was really in to this commercial idea until I told him it would cost money to film a commercial. After that he decided to go back to his previous money making scheme of having me bake brownies and him selling them for $5 a piece. I asked what he was planning on putting in these brownies that he thought they would be worth $5, he assured me that it would just be the regular stuff like chocolate and sugar.

Hmmm...I think he'd have better luck if they were laced with something more, um, adult friendly :) It would be a whole other set of clientele but they wouldn't blink at dropping $5 for a brownie!

Monday, March 15, 2010

What happens in Vegas...

According to my boss, stays on YouTube. Or, in my case, goes on my blog. Hey, I have no shame.

The trip was fabulous. I could seriously go to Vegas and not spend a dime if I could just people watch
A few highlights: I was groped by elvis, kissed by a stranger, carded for a cosmo, almost missed our flight home, molested a statue, posed with a gorilla, won $12 in penny slots, spent $12 on a horrible frozen margarita...I'm sure there is more that I'm forgetting. And yes, I have photographic proof of most of these. Those are coming later. I promise. For now, I leave you with one of my favorite pics from the trip. This is outside MGM on the day we got there.

And, by the way, it's just WRONG to go to the dessert and have it be 55 and rainy most of the week. I know it looks pretty but it was chilly!

Saturday, March 6, 2010


Our flight for Vegas leaves in 14 hours.
Business trip, I, really. Granted, it's a photographers conference and I'm not an actual photographer, but that is so not the point. Really, it's not...this is strictly business :)
That's my story and I'm stickin' to it!

I am packed, other then shower stuff.

I'll be gone for HH's birthday, when I asked what he wanted he said he wanted me to have a great time. Go ahead, say awe or gag, whichever you prefer. Regardless, it was sweet.

I'd like to say I was thinking ahead and have posts ready to go while I'm gone, but, I don't.


Thursday, March 4, 2010

It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood

A beautiful day in the neighborhood...


It makes me happy. Very happy.

And since I've been in such a funk lately, other things that make me happy (other then my boys)

*The first sip of coffee in the morning, especially my white mocha. mmm. Better then sex...okay, maybe tied with really good sex.
*Turning the radio up (go ahead...say it..."to that sweet sound...") in the car and rocking out.
*Long HOT showers.
*Fresh baked cookies, right out of the oven.
*Chocolate Peanut butter ice cream, the kind my hubby brought me last night because he thinks my body is just fine. (he's crazy...sweet, but crazy)
*A good book.
*Nickelodeon shows. I'm not going to lie, I like watching iCarly and Drake & Josh just as much as my 7 year old.
*Blog comments *ahem, hint hint*

      Wednesday, March 3, 2010

      Want to know what is GREAT for the self esteem?


      I mean really...I think everyone on the brink of a depressive melt down should go shopping. If you want to put youself over the edge that is.

      There is nothing better then picking out clothes, in what you believe is your size and also happens to be the largest size they carry and piling them in to the dressing room...b/c you're only doing this once damnit...only to realize you can't zip, pull, push or otherwise shove your ass (or muffin top) in to anything.

      Even when your husband promises to "show you there is nothing wrong with your body" after the kids are in bed does nothing to help with the fact that you are still leaving in 4 days, will be gone for 5 nights and only have clothes to wear on 2 of those days. Argh. And yes dear, having anyone see me naked right now is exactly what I need to feel better. Yep, definitely.