Friday, May 14, 2010

100 weeks

I get these emails that tell me things like "Thing 2 is 100 weeks old! How is he doing" and then it goes on to tell me all the things my son is most certainly NOT doing.

Like talking.

He spits out a few words when it suits him, he signs when it suits him, but in general he babbles, yells, points and then laughs at you. He just started shaking his head no, want to know how I found out? He was in time out (yes, we've started time outs already...more on that later) and when I asked for a hug he looked at me and shook his head no. I thought certainly it was a mistake, so I asked in my sweetest mommy voice "Can mommy have a hug" and he, very pointedly, shook his head no. Hmmm.
I did manage to get my hug..and went on his merry way.

As for the time outs, I'm not going to lie I thought everyone that said "sure, we started time outs at 18 months" was on crack. I mean really, what 18 month old that can't talk and still doesn't realize that you aren't supposed to chew on pennies is going to understand time out? Well in the past few months we've had a serious issue with throwing, mainly Sir Crazy throwing toys at his brothers head. Now, I'm not going to lie, I turn and laugh because it's usually well deserved...but, not exactly something we want him to think is acceptable when we're, say, at the playground. Finally I did time out. 1.5 minutes on the step.
He screamed.
He cried.
He hated me.
He climbed off the step, I put him back. Super Nanny ain't got nothin' on me!

The next time...he did the same thing, but it wasn't as bad.

Tonight? He sat on the step with minimal crying but gave us puppy dog sad face eyes the whole time. He then took the bowl of cheerios he had earlier smacked out of my hand and sat down to munch on them happily.

So 100 weeks old, maybe he gets it.

Oh...and for the record, who the hell counts by weeks once your past, I don't know, 12.


Fire Wife said...

LOL! Haven't tried time outs yet, might have to now!
And, BTW - my 19 mo isn't really talking yet either. Tired of sites telling me what she "should" be doing.

♥ Noelle ♥ said...

too funny!!! both my boys started to chat up at storm right at 2!! its normal!! i don't really pay attention to those things; your doctor would tell you if they felt anything was major with him! he sounds like a normal lil turd to me, speaking from my own experience!! :)