Saturday, May 22, 2010

7? 13? 16? I don't even know anymore

The 7 year old is...well, he's 7. He's mouthy and if you tell him the sky is blue he'll tell you it's not. He argues about every.single.thing. It doesn't matter what we say or what we do, he just HAS to have the last word and has to argue about something. I realize that he gets this from me and when he looked a HH the other day, and exclaimed
all I could was was laugh. I mean, seriously?! I could feel HH glaring at me but I couldn't help it. Other things I've heard this week include "So, how DOES a baby get in your belly?" or how about "You just don't care about much, do you mommy?" This was when I told him I didn't care what his brother was doing, to worry about himself. 

However, I have to say the best bad parenting and yet best story of the week was when he was going on and on about who knows what and HH mumbled a bit louder then he should have "jesus christ kid" and without missing a beat we her the reply: "Stop calling me Christ!!!" Again, I fell in to a fit of laughter because again, what else was I to do?! He then proceeded to yell at us to stop laughing at him. Ah, being a parent is fun times, fun times indeed. 

Oh and for the record, we don't normally say Jesus Christ, ever, but for whatever reason it's coming flying out twice in the past week. I fully expect a phone call from school any day now.  

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♥ Noelle ♥ said...

lol!! gotta love a mouthy kid, right?