Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Now you find out just how spoiled I am

My mom has been visiting the crazy people my family in FL. She left last Tuesday and won't be home until next Tuesday. This is no vacation, trust me. I wasn't at all happy about her going down there but she had to do what felt right...and she'd feel way too guilty if she stayed home. So, off she went.

What does this have to do with me? That leaves me with 2 kids all day, everyday. You see, usually once a week I could drop one or both of them off and go run errands, meet a friend for lunch, do work or just sit at home and dick around on the computer doing nothing for a few hours. It was grand. I'd take her a McD's Frappe (YUM btw) and she'd be a happy camper. She loves those boys, hanging out with them makes her happy...getting a break makes me happy.
So, we're on day 8 and I'm going a bit nuts. Okay sure, I spent Friday and Saturday night drinking it up and hanging out with friends while HH was home with the kids...but so what?

Yea yea, like I said, now you find out just how spoiled I am.

My mommy needs to come home so I can have an afternoon of productivity. Not that I don't enjoy playing 14 games of Uno and rebuilding the Thomas track 150000 times a day while trying to clean, do laundry, figure out dinner...and oh yea, work...but you know, it would be nice if a simple task wouldn't take 3 hours to complete.

::points finger at self:: spoiled rotten, right here.

Monday, June 21, 2010

I went to a wedding

Do you have friends that you don't talk to often and see even less...yet when you get together it's like you talk every day? Those are my Canadian girls. I love these girls. They're just GOOD people, ya know? Their families are awesome, and I know if I needed something they'd be there to help me out however they could. 6 years ago they made the drive down to come to MY wedding and it's something that meant a lot to me. So, when the one we call Moo decided to go and get herself hitched it was only natural that my BFF and I made our reservations and hopped in the car for a road trip. Kids and hubby left to fend for themselves!

First, let me give a quick trip review. We used priceline to book our hotel. It was cheap, we weren't expectly luxury, just a bed to sleep on. When we checked in to America's Best Value Inn (yes, on the Canadian side) we were first shocked at how far it was from the actual Falls. Not a huge deal for us since we know the area and weren't there for the tourist stuff, but calling this Niagara Falls was a bit of a stretch! Then, the lady with the broken arm at the desk wanted to charge us an additional $15 per night in order for us to have 2 beds instead of 1. Yep. My BFF hasn't learned that you catch more flies with honey...but I did sweet talk in her to $10/night extra. Still, annoying. I won't be staying there again...those beds, definitely NOT worth the extra cash.

We started the day with an afternoon ceremony but before we left, I had to play on the fun swings outside our room.

Notice the shoes? I make every excuse possible to wear those shoes.

Here is our signature picture

And this is what happens when I am left unattended.

And one more because I can't end this post without showing you how absolutely beautiful the bride and groom are! And well, the rest of us are pretty cute too :)


In the very near future, you will see updates to this blog.

Most of these updates will contain far too many pictures.

I'm an attention whore, I've been busy and I have the pictures to prove it.

So, just an FYI. I have a lot of scheduled posts up my sleeve and the majority involved: kids, goofiness, friends, more kids...and possibly some drunken ridiculous-ness.

You're welcome.

Friday, June 11, 2010

Potty Training

The eldest child? He didn't train until he was 3ish, I don't know the exact age. He was trained by the time we moved, and he was 3.5 then. He didn't poop in that damn toilet for what seemed like forever. Seriously getting the kid to shit in the toilet and NOT in his underwear was the biggest pain in the ass, ever.

For this reason, I don't care if his brother stays in diapers until Kindergarten. Seriously. I.DO.NOT.CARE. Sure, diapers are expensive and I hate the fact that I have to bust out WWF moves to get him to to lay down and let me change him...but I don't want to deal with trips to the bathroom or even worse, buying one of those nasty ass potty chairs. ::shudders::

I'm in no rush...I'm in no rush to put him in a big boy bed either. I don't care if he throws his food on the floor and only uses utensils 1/2 the time.
Ya know what else? He doesn't drink out of a regular cup...and I.DO.NOT.CARE. Chances are pretty good, he won't go to college drinking out of a sippy cup and wearing a pull up (although, for some of those college nights both may come in handy...)

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Playground Etiquette

I realize that the playground is a kids place to run and play and be crazy. I'm fine with that...whatever.

It's nice the T1 is old enough to run around on his own, especially since I spend the whole time chasing the crazy younger brother.

Today we hit the park with my younger cousins, 5, 8 and 10. The boys were playing and being boys...climbing, jumping...whatever. They were watching out for the younger kids and for the most part behaving.

The crazy monkey? Yea, he was being his typical ornery self and trying to climb in to places mommy would surely have to go get him...and mommy is not made for playground equipment. Atleast, my ass is not made for playground equipment. Just ask the twisty slide I shoved myself down this afternoon.

There is one section that you climb up and the only way down is to slide down the pole or go across monkey bars. I kept distracting T2 from going up one point he went over to the stairs and this bratty little monster 3-4 year old comes over and PUSHES MY BABY DOWN, and then tells him he's not allowed up there. We headed over to the slides, I'm not one to discipline other children even though I wanted to toss his butt in time out for pushing down a 2 year old! He followed us to the slides and kept bossing T2 around...and when he wasn't bossing him around, he was bossing the other kids around, including my 10 year old cousin.
Seriously, I'm surprised he didn't get knocked out. I'm pretty sure I would have looked the other way and said I didn't see it. Hell, I may have even helped.
He kept wanting to help Mr. Independent (AKA T2, AKA The Monkey) down the slide and even though I kept asking him in my nicest mommy voice to please stop pushing him, putting him on his lap etc etc because he can go down the slide by himself, he would.not.stop. In the mean time, T2 was pissed off. Part of me was hoping he pulled his hair like he does when his brother pisses him off. Also, there is a difference between what this kid was doing and what I've seen many other kids do when they want to play with "the baby" and help him. He wasn't being cute, at all.

Are you wondering where is MOTHER IS?! Yea, so was I. At one point, I saw him run over to someone...sitting at a picnic table on the other side of the playground. Not once did she get up to see what he was doing...even when he PUSHED my 5 year old cousin off the swing so he could have it, right in front of her.

I have a pretty high tolerance for kids in general, but I have never wanted so badly to trip discipline a strangers child.

So please, control your children at the playground. Even if they are brats, at least pretend to have some kind of control over them. Please.

Monday, June 7, 2010

Do you know what a cool name for block would be?

T1: Daddy, do you know what a cool name for Bowser would be?
HH: What?
T1: Showser
HH: *lauhging* yea, that would be a cool name
*5 mins later, as HH goes back to reading his Nook*
T1: Daddy, do you know what a cool name for Mario would be?
HH: Shario?
T1: HEY! hahahaha
HH: Hey T1, do you know what a cool name for mommy would be?
T1: What??
HH: Steve
T1: *laughing*

Now this went on for a good 10 mins in the car until we hear

T1: Do you know what a cool name for block would be?
M: What?
T1: Cock

laughter erupts from the front seat while the poor 7 year old just laughs innocently. He continued to play the game, I couldn't get over block/cock. I just couldn't stop laughing.

Oh...and that Nook HH was reading? I'm a kick ass wife and bought it for him for Father's Day...of course I was way too excited to actually wait to give it to him. He loves it, and I'm a little bit jealous!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Swagbucks, have you seen this?

Search & Win

I am slightly addicted.
Who doesn't like free stuff...especially free gift cards? Yea, I'm all about it. Just sign up and use swagbucks to search like you would on google. It's a google sister-site, so it's totally legit.

Click the banner above and try it out, it's a good time.

On that note...I promise for a better post soon. I have pictures and a wedding recap I need to post. I had the best time over the weekend with some great friends that I don't get to see nearly enough. was T1's last day of first grade ::sob::
AND T2 turn TWO YEARS OLD in 9 days. Yes, NINE DAYS!!!! EEK!!!!