Monday, September 27, 2010

We really should learn to check the stairs

M: Go brush your teeth, it's bed time.
A: but I'm playing my game
M: I don't care, don't make me get up
A: *sigh* ugh.
M: Kid, you'd better get up there and brush your teeth
A: FINE! but you need to come up with me and tuck me in.
M: Just go upstairs, I'll tuck you in when you finish brushing
A: UGH! I don't want to have to come back down
M: *deep breath* GO!
A: *stomping up the stairs*
HH: You're such a mean mommy
M: Yep, just sign me up for mommy dearest
HH: Just wait until he's 16 and calling you a bitch
M: I'll still..
A: DADDY! What the...I heard that!
HH: *sigh* Go upstairs!!
M: Thanks daddy
HH: Well I didn't know he was there
M: As I was saying, I will STILL wash his mouth out with soap!

Yep...we really need to start checking the stairs.

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