Monday, October 18, 2010

Get the swag

I'm not normally all about these internet schemes. I don't have time for all that nonsense, but this one actually pays off.

Here's the deal. Today is referral day at Swag Bucks. What does that mean? It means if you sign up, we both earn bucks!


What the hell are swag bucks? Virtual dollars you can turn in to gift cards (or other junk, but really, it's only worth it for the gift cards)

Does it work? Yep, it does. Granted, I don't search stuff I actually want answers for...that would be cheating on google, and that's just wrong. What I do is just type in random crap...or instead of going directly to a website, I pop over to swagbucks, type in the website and go from there.
If you search and don't hit, change a term in your search and try it again. 80% of the time, I hit doing that. Right now I have 1100 swag bucks. I have $70 in $5 Amazon gift cards just waiting to be used for Christmas.

Okay, don't get TOO excited. That's not normal. I had to do some shopping for work and checked out through the shop/earn tab. You earn 2 SB for every $1. It adds up...but only do this if the store isn't offered through Ebates. You should ALWAYS check out via Ebates when shopping online. You're ordering anyway, may as well get cash back. Don't have an Ebates account? Click Here.
I've earned $11 through Ebates but I rarely (as in almost never) shop online.

Okay, that's my infomercial for the day. Enjoy.

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