Sunday, October 31, 2010

I clearly have Trick or Treat issues

I don't normally hand out candy for Halloween, we go to my parents house and my mom hands it out while Hubby and I take the kids around. This year I went to help my cousin out while her sister and brother in law took their kids. (our ToT is tonight)

I was amazed at some of the RUDE kids.

And here are my issues...or as I like to call them:
The Rules of Halloween
that everyone should abide by because I said so.

1. You must wear a costume to get candy. I will give you a single tootsie roll if you are not in costume. I don't care how old you are, you can be 25 and if you are in costume, I will give you candy. If you are 14 and are too lazy to throw a mask on or some face paint? Too bad.

2. You do not drive to houses. Ever. If you want to trick or treat, you walk. I don't care where you live or how cold it is. If you can't walk it, you don't go. So help me if my kids ever ask me to drive their asses around.

3. Trick or Treat and Thank You. Yes, I will be the bitch that makes you say Trick or Treat before I give you candy...unless you are tiny and which case you will probably get extras.

4. If you trick or treat, you give candy. I may let this one go if you really can't afford to hand out candy but don't want to deprive your child of Halloween. I'm not totally unreasonable.

5. When given candy, you do not request something else. (oh, I really wanted a kit kat. I don't care, take your butterfinger and move on)

6. If you leave your light on but aren't home, you are an asshole. Please check your trick or treat schedule and be sure to turn outside lights off if you aren't participating. Do not make me walk my 2 year old up your long ass drive way only to realize there is no candy. Annoying.

The End
Happy Halloween!! It's going to be a cold one here, but it's all good. I love how excited the kids get for Trick or Treat! Despite my rules, it really is one of my favorite holidays. I just don't think it gives kids or adults a free pass on forgetting manners and common courtesy (and really, common sense).


Annegirrl said...

My neighbor violated #6 last year and again this year (his lights are on year round, day and night). My husband went into his house and turned his lights off. That's what he gets for leaving his door unlocked.

Fire Wife said...

I agree with all but #4. Simply because I can't be out with ToT'ing with my kids, AND handing out candy at the same time! LOL. It's a logistics issue.