Tuesday, October 26, 2010

My boys

Have I mentioned that I LOVE October?? I am a total Summer girl at heart but being that I live in OH, Summer just doesn't last all that long. Luckily...Summer goes in to Fall and I adore Fall. I like the smell in the air, pumpkins, sweaters, hot apple cider and Halloween. I wish I could live in a constant rotation of Summer and Fall all year long.

We've been crazy busy this month, I think we've had stuff on the calendar every weekend. I know for some people that is completely normal, but not for us. We're home bodies...and I don't like to cram one thing after another in to our weekends. I want time to curl up on the couch and watch a movie or take a nap...or just sit around and not bother changing out of our PJs. For us, that's a good weekend!
Of course, that is exactly what I am doing today...but by default. I have a sickly wee man, so we're hanging on the couch watching Dora (yes, while I blog...a girl can only handle so much Dora)

I'm going to be that mom that shows you all of the adorable pictures of my kids. 1. Because, um, they're cute and 2. Because I'm pretty proud of myself for some of these shots. I'm not professional (and really, I don't want to be) but I do like that I can take pictures of my kids that don't look like crap. Poor Aiden, he really got screwed in the picture department. I know it's usually the second child that this happens with...but not in this case. Oh well, Ian gets his fair share of neglect. Like the fact that he doesn't get the cool toys because we already have them...so he ends up with books and clothes. Oh well, sorry kid, play with your brothers toys.

Okay, here ya go: (and only a couple of my faves, I swear.)

Aiden (and OMG, he is starting to look so OLD)


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natalie said...

Ahh super cute pics!! And yes, Aiden is looking entirely too old :/