Saturday, October 16, 2010

Wake up call

I'm over weight.
My cholesterol is high. Well, not high...but borderline
I had an abnormal pap and have to go back on Nov 1st to talk to my dr.
I finally had to admit to my husband that I can't fit in to the majority of my clothes, which is why they've just been sitting in piles on top of my dresser.
I turn 30 in 20 days.
I have no physical reason for the way I feel. Thyroid is normal, no anemia, sugar is good. In all honesty I was hoping my bloodwork would show something was wrong with me that I could fix...and then the rest would be fixed. I realize that's not the way it works, but it's what I was hoping for. So, in addition to discussing what we're going to do for this abnormal pap on Nov 1st, I'll also be discussing what I can do to be a happier more balanced me.

I'm accepting the fact that I can't do this on my own. I owe it to my husband and my kids to be the best me possible and right now, I need help to do that.

I also need help getting my ass in gear and working out. Do they make a pill that can do that? literally kick my ass out of bed to go to the gym...and slap my hand when I reach for a kit kat? Damn that Halloween candy just taunting me!!

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andrea said...

you can do it Stacy - if you need some accountability, I'll kick slap your hand ;)