Monday, November 8, 2010

30 RAK: Week 1 + 3

11/1: Gave the table next to us my coupon for a free brownie sundae. The 2 year old appreciated it the most, I think :)

11/2: Paid for the car behind me at Starbucks. I hope it started a chain reaction.

11/3: Left a reusable bag for the car next to me at the grocery store.

11/4: Read and left blog comments for all the new posts on my blog roll, along with some blogs that I stalk and rarely comment on.

11/5: I need to make this one up, it was a pretty rough day and honestly, I didn't do a damn thing unless you count curling up on the couch watching Private Practice and crying. Oh, and reading the Little People Farm pop-up book 140000 times. 

11/6: Let the mall kiosks people give me their speeches, and smile and didn't try to run away.  Took a picture of a family at Build A Bear. The little boy was 1 and just so cute, even if it took a few tries for him to look at me instead of Daddy!

11/7: I made a donation to Voices Against Brain Cancer in honor of my uncle.

**My original post was scheduled for 1/8 but for some reason it never posted. So, here are 3 more days! :)

11/8: Took a treat to the board meeting, granted most of them didn't get eaten but I let one of the moms take the left overs home.

11/9: Took steak and potatoes to my dad who has been a bachelor for the past 3 weeks with my mom in FL. I also stayed at his house to wait for his tv to be delivered.

11/10: Sent a check to donate 2 signs that are being put in for a family in my home town who has a little boy battling cancer right now. It's a small town and he goes to school with a few of my friends kids. Sad sad sad :(

What have you done lately? Any ideas for me? So far, I am LOVING this.


natalie said...

Awesome job so far!! I'm still trying to do one a week, but it is so much fun. Rick thinks I'm crazy over how excited I get when I do one ;)

MommyV said...

You're awesome and rocking this!!

You inspired me to get out the last of my purchased cards and actually get them sent out :-) Two more recipients of SB cards sometime this week!