Sunday, November 7, 2010

High School Randomness

I have a ton of people from HS on my facebook, I'm still friends with the same group of girls I've known since 7th grade, so obviously they're on there. There are a few people I've come across that I really was curious as to how they were doing...but for the most part, I just felt bad denying their request. I've often considered weeding out the ones I haven't talked to since graduation and have had on my FB and yet have had zero contact with. It seems silly but I don't, I leave them there because in true HS fashion I'm worried of what they'll think. I'm worried I'll hurt their feelings.
So tonight a girl that I graduated with sends me an IM to say Happy Birthday. We weren't close friends back then, we had a few classes together and she was always kind of quiet but super nice to everyone. We chatted a bit, turns out she lives out of state, was drunk and missing home. She told me that she remember me as being down to earth, classy and smart.

Um, I realize most of you didn't know me in HS but classy and smart were not two words I would use to describe me. I wasn't a heathen, but I wasn't exactly "classy". As for smart, eh, I got by.
I guess it's funny to me because, well, you just don't see yourself the way other people see matter how old you are. And no matter how long you've been out of HS, it's nice to hear that people thought GOOD things about you, since chances are you didn't always feel good about yourself.
So, the next time a random person from HS pops up in your news feed, maybe send a kind word or two. Sometimes that's all it takes. (This coming from the girl that still hides in the cereal aisle if she sees someone at the grocery store because I A. look like hell and B. am worried they won't remember me. Yep, that's me)

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