Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Merry Christmas, let the crazy begin

Here's the deal, I love Christmas. I enjoy shopping, I LIKE buying gifts for people. And honestly, I have just as much fun watching people open what I bought them, as I do opening my own gifts. Actually, more fun because I hate opening gifts in front of people. It's weird and awkward and you are forced to say you love it while the other person is saying things like "isn't it adorable, if you don't like it, the receipt is int here, but don't you just LOVE it?!". Sure, I've always wanted a wooden boot candle holder. It's great. So yea, I'd much rather be the person on the other end...and damn it you'd better pretend to love it! :)

Maybe I'm getting old, maybe I just don't care anymore or maybe I've finally realized that crazy or not, HH isn't going anywhere...but a lot of the things I would silently think through, stress over and generally get all neurotic about, I've been sharing with him. He's so lucky.

Last night we discussed at length the fact that I'm worried because Ian will have 2 very large boxes under the tree and while Aiden over all has more gifts, nothing that comes in a big box. Yes people, these are the things I worry about! Look, I'm not all about everything having to be exactly equal. I know I spent more on Aiden and I know he has more gifts, I get that. Ian won't give a damn, he'll probably want to put the gift bags on his head and shove ribbon up his nose because he's special like that. Fact is, at almost 8, Aiden's toys are smaller and more expensive. All of that aside, as a kid, the first thing you see when you walk downstairs are the BIG boxes and you spend the whole time opening gifts wondering who the BIG boxes are for. So yes, this is what bothers me. I don't want him to feel slighted or disappointed in the least on Christmas morning. Even if it's just for a few minutes until he realizes that his legos and remote control car kick ass and are WAY cooler then his brother's Thomas blocks and plastic work bench. (although let's not kid ourselves, they'll still fight over all of it because that is what they do)
HH thinks I am totally insane. He thinks that I am stressing over this for no good reason. He's also concerned that I started in on my Christmas Crazy a little early this year and fears that it does not mean it will end early.
He's probably right since the whirl wind of cleaning because my parents are coming over on Christmas morning and ohmygodweneedtocleanthehouseandmakeeverythingperfect* (even though they have seen my house a thousand times when it's been a disaster)crazy has not even begun.

*It was really hard to type that without spaces. That's all.

Happy Holidays
Merry Christmas
Happy Hanukkah get the idea...


MommyV said...

Solution: Put a few of Aiden's "coolest" toys in HUGE boxes to "throw him off" ;-)

Peach said...

Merry Christmas Mama! I hope you wake up Christmas morning & have a piping hot cup of Starbucks something or other with a side order of rum or eggnog or hard core moonshine to help ease you into a more relaxed Christmas groove!

Then again...I don't have kids, so who am I to talk?

Love you!

Amanda said...

I did the same thing! The Sexy Beast was all "OMG, you are driving me crazy with this! You are the only one who is going to notice!" And for once (hee hee hee) he was right :)