Thursday, February 17, 2011

Blog Hop - Sibling Style

I've been incredibly remiss in posting my weekly ADM blog hop posts, obviously, since my last post was Jan 31. I could give you all the crazy reason as to WHY I haven't posted...but I'll spare you because in reality, my life isn't so super busy and glamorous that I don't have time for blogging...I just tend to spend my free time doing things like playing of Facebook, watching Weeds or drinking wine. Or, on a really rockin' night, all three.

So, here we go with this weeks topic (Thank You Andrea):
Sibling relationships.
Yours, theirs, your life without siblings, your children's lives with siblings.
However you want to interpret it.

Let's start with me....after all, it is all about me. At least, that is what my brother always told me. I'm 4 years younger and I'm pretty sure I've blogged about my brother before. We are polar opposites. I'm the quiet, reserved rule follower. He...he is not. We'll just leave it at that.
We never got along, my parents used to leave us home together and I remember him beating me up during commercials while watching the Simpson's or whatever other show we stayed up "late" to watch. I don't know why I didn't just leave the room, but I didn't. I never really looked up to my brother the way my friends did theirs. I didn't want to be like him, if anything watching him made me want to run in the opposite direction.

We're adults, mostly, and while we don't see eye to eye on things we're still family. We've got each others back when it's important and he loves my kids. In the end, even if we're not close, that's good enough for me.

My boys though. Oh, my boys. Right now they go from screaming at each other to being best friends. I can honestly say though, Aiden loves his little brother...he didn't want to throw him out the window on day one like another big brother I know. He's also never intentionally given him small toys to possibly choke on. Not that I know *anyone* that would do a thing like that.

We debated for a long time on having another child. We had Aiden pretty early in life and timing wise it just never seemed like it was going to work out to have another. Of course now, I can't imagine not having Ian around. I hope they grow up to be good friends, I hope they spend weekends with each other when they're older and have kids that play together. Of course, if that doesn't happen, I hope at the end of the day they have each others backs, regardless of the differences they may have.


Andrea said...

they will TOTALLY have each others backs!

Sara said...

I wasn't all that close to my siblings when we were younger either, isn't it funny how things change as we get older?