Monday, March 7, 2011

When did that happen??

Growing up I watched my mom get ready every day. She did her hair, she applied her make up and she never left the house without lipstick. It's who she was. I grew up always wanting makeup and playing dress up. It's who I was.

As a teenager I had more makeup then most adults I knew. I had painted nails and full make up on all the time. I didn't leave the house without, which at times drove my best friend nuts. The thing was, I didn't do it to impress the boys or get attention, I did it because it was the only way I felt like "me". I felt uncomfortable in my own skin if I didn't have it on...and yes as an adult I realize that is pretty ridiculous but hey, I was a kid. And if I'm being perfectly honest even as an adult I feel better when I'm made up and looking pretty.

That being said, I've been slacking. I have no problem leaving the house with a messy pony tail and no make up on. (well except lip gloss. I always have lip gloss). So much so that when I showed up at the school's silent auction last night one of the committee members went "whoa, look at you".

Um, yes, this is what I look like with hair and make up on...wearing something other then a t-shirt/sweatshirt. Clearly, it doesn't happen often. It's a downward spiral and I'm 1 set of dentures away from turning in to my mother who has been known to walk around in PJ pants, a cicra 1998 mickey mouse tshirt, crocs and no teeth.

My goal is to actually do my hair and make up 4x a week. Something other then a pony and lip gloss.

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Anonymous said...

This could be my blog entry. Literally. I grew up watching my Mom every single morning getting dolled up and never leaving the house less than perfect. To this day, and my Mom is in her 60s and doesn't work, she gets pretty every single day. I too had makeup like that when I was in Jr. High. Even now, and some recent blog entries of mine divulge this more, cosmetics are an addiction of mine. Sure I leave the house now like you, without makeup and a messy pony tail, but being "pretty" is just part of who I am. It's not to impress people, it's not because I think I need to to in fact be pretty, it's just part of who I am.