Wednesday, April 6, 2011

A post once a month?

So yea, I haven't posted in a month...shocking, right?? I figured it was time to give you a recap of the lovely dinner we had this evening.

We had my parents over for their anniversary. On the menu? Stuffed clams, blackened scallops on a bed of smoked gouda risotto, a salad of mixed greens, green beans and cookies with vanilla ice cream for dessert. We're fancy around here...just ignore the fact that we use paper towels instead of napkins and our dinner table has a lot of toddler art work on it.

So we're all sitting down to eat and by eat I mean the adults are eating, Aiden is pushing his risotto around and Ian is climbing under the table and biting his brother's leg. Yep, just your average dinner around here. We're laughing because my parents were originally going out to dinner and invited us but I knew better then to take the demon spawn
Ian out in public so late in the evening.

At some point Aiden mentions being hit in the balls.
HH: Aiden, really?
A: What?
HH: Balls? How about nuts?
M: Guys! We're at the dinner table!
A: What mommy? You don't even have balls.
**at this point my dad is trying really hard to hide the smirk on his face**
A: Fine, privates. Is that better?
M: Will you please just eat your dinner?

A little while later Aiden is telling some story, the child does.not.stop.talking these days and I'm not going to lie, I only listen to about 45% of it. Have you seen the Louis CK skit about ignoring what his daughter says b/c nothing she says matters? I think of that every time I zone out and just nod and smile while he talks. It's not that I don't enjoy his stories, I do, but sometimes he just goes on and on and on....and really, I have a lot of stuff on my mind. Like vacation and dieting and how long until bedtime. See? Busy girl.

Anyway, totally off topic. As he's telling his story he says something is stupid and then follows it up with a rather large burp. HH chimes in to help.
HH: Aiden!!
A: What? I said excuse me.
HH: You said stupid and then burped.
A: I can't help it.
HH: You need to watch your mouth.
A: But stupid isn't a bad word.
M: (chiming in b/c HH seems to be missing a major point)
You know you don't talk like that and please do not burp at the dinner table, it's rude.
A: Well just because girls don't burp mommy **hysterical laughter**
M: Aiden...
HH: Yea, they don't fart either
A: hahahah, I know. Only boys do
M: Really guys???

**I'm surprised my parents didn't decide to take their food to go at this point, but they survived dinner. They even survived HH's song and dance about the fact that he's getting the big V next week. And Aiden made a comment that mommy isn't having any more babies because she's scared. Oh, if he only knew...**

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Tina @ Life Without Pink said...

Oh love meeting other moms of all boys! I can completely relate to the crazy things boys do and say!