Sunday, July 17, 2011

In case you were wondering

I don't have baby fever.

At. All.

Ian is 3 now, he's fun and crazy and adorable and I am actually loving the stage we're in right now. I hate the fighting with his brother, the constant screaming over toys makes me want to walk out and just hide on a daily basis but 90% of the time...we're good. Am I bummed he's getting SO big, SO fast? Of course....but I have zero desire to have another baby in the house. I like cuddling other newborns for short periods of time, but then I'm good. I like handing them back and going back to my 2 kids that can talk to me, climb in their own seats, choose their bedtime books, play in the bath tub and run around the park without mommy being on their heels every second.

Why am I telling you this? Well, it's simple, for whatever reason there are people that just can't seem to figure this out. My mother, for one.

Also...while we're at it, we did not decide to stop at 2 because Ian is insane. Yes, he is going to be my wild child but we were 98% sure we were done while I was pregnant. I was the hold out on that 2% and it was just the hormones. Hubby had the ol' snip snip...we are not having another baby. So please PLEASE stop asking. Stop making comments about trying for a girl and on the flip side don't act like my 3 year old is such a terror that we couldn't possibly want to do it again. Both scenarios are wrong. We decided to stop at 2 because our family is complete. I know my limits, I know what I can handle and this is it. HH feels the same...

That's my rant for today. Pictures and updates on my crazy kids soon. We're having a whole lot of fun in the sun this summer!!