Thursday, January 5, 2012

I will not fall in to the Pinterest trap

I pinned all of these really cool ideas for Aiden's birthday party. Cakes, decorations, favors, games. That site is like crack, you just can't get enough. One.More.Pin. but OMGDIDYOUSEETHISINEEDITNOW

The fact is, his birthday is 2 weeks after Christmas and 1 week after New Years. I have a bridal show for work next week, I have decorations to take down and toys to find homes for. I'm in the middle of silent auction hell planning.I have an insane 3 year old that is home with me. I barely have time to throw chicken nuggets and smiley fries in the oven much less try to figure out how to bake and ice a cake in the shape of a football.

So, thank you Giant Eagle for having an overpriced cake with a Steelers magnet that made my 9 year old happy. My sanity is worth the $26 it's going to cost me for 8 boys to eat the icing.

I am going to do a few of the ideas I pinned, spy training exercises and popcorn container favors. I am not going to feel guilty that he's not getting a homemade cake and my house won't look like something out of a magazine. He's not going to remember that shit, he's going to remember his parents letting him invite 7 of his friends over to stay the night for his birthday...and chances are he's going to remember whatever it is they're going to break tomorrow night. They're boys, 8 of them, you know they're going to break something.

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