Sunday, January 1, 2012

I'm going to have a NINE year old

Nine people, NINE!

that is one year away from TEN...which means I will have been a mom for a full decade.

That is just crazy. It is. I'm not sure I can wrap my tiny little brain around that. Let's not even talk about what happens in just a few short years. EEK!

I suppose we're not doing too bad of a job, he has manners and people seem to like him. He does okay in school, has friends, picks on his brother and at least once a day makes me want to pick him up and throw him. Of course he also makes me smile, laugh and want to just hug him tight and never let him grow up. It all works out.

I'm in birthday party planning mode. I'm going to have 7 of his friends staying the night at my house on Friday. Send wine. Send coffee. Send vodka.

It's going to be a Steelers party, much to my Browns loving husband's dismay. In true tween fashion, he loves to rebel against everything his parents like and in this case, he's taken it a step farther and has decided to cheer for the enemy. I may or may not encourage this nonsense just for sport and driving my husband crazy. ;)

So far for the party we'll have pizza, football shaped cake (yellow cake with chocolate frosting, of course), assorted popcorn flavors, training exercises, and movies. I need a good football themed kids movie.

Generally with his birthday being two weeks after Christmas he gets the shaft on the party planning, I'm trying not to suck this year by planning all of a week in advance. Go me.

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