Friday, February 3, 2012

Funny things kids say

Ian's current favorites:

My nose is melting! (said when he has a runny nose)
Awe, nuts!
What...The...!! (we can thank his older brother for this one)
I just LOVE it. I love green. Mommy, I don't love purple. But MOMMY, I LOVE it!! (you get the idea)

Generally, he's pretty freakin' cute.

Aiden's new ones:

I'm just being startastic (I don't bother correcting his pronunciation b/c I think it's cute)
Seriously MOM
Oh you think you're SO funny

Clearly we're getting in to the tweet attitude and away from the cute-ness, but I'll take it. I like that he gets me when I'm being "startastic".

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