Thursday, April 26, 2012

Boring Nonsense

I've realized more and more that this blog is for me, not so much for anyone else. Do I hope people read it? Sure. Do I hope they like it? Of course. But, it's not for you guys (SORRY!) it's for me. The thing is, we tend to enjoy reading 2 types of blogs: The funny ones like the Bloggess or People I Want to Punch in the Throat (I love both, btw) and the sad ones. The ones with stories of sick babies or tragedy. We have a kind of sick fascination with them, I think we enjoy the emotions it evokes in us, it makes us look at our own life and realize that maybe it's not so bad. Makes us appreciate what we have, if even for just that day.

We do not enjoy reading about people who are happy, who have nothing to complain about, who don't naturally write in one liners and make you spit coffee all over your keyboard on a regular basis. Those, they're boring.

I have a boring blog.
I enjoy my boring blog.
I enjoy writing for me, telling stories or just getting things out there. It's therapeutic for me. It helps me clear my head and often times I find myself writing a post and at the end realizing that I don't even agree with what I've written. It truly makes me stop and think about something when I see it reflected back at me in black and white.

So to my 39 followers, I'm happy you're still here and I'm happy that one or two of you might take the time to read my posts. I apologize that I'm not the funny girl or the sad girl. My life is pretty standard, my marriage is stable, my kids are cute. There are no giant secrets lurking behind my words, no tragedy to over come. It's just me and my computer...writing about the boring nonsense of a stay at home/work at home mom since 2007.

I hope you stick around.

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MommyV said...

When I remember to read blogs (which I sadly don't a lot of the time) but WHEN I DO! I read yours ;-)