Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Shit My Kids Say

A friend of mine suggested I start a twitter account with "shit my kids say" similar to the popular twitter/book Shit My Dad Says. I haven't done it because I know I wouldn't keep up with posting...and I wouldn't use that name. I'd have to think of something way cooler.

Regardless, here are a few gems from my boys lately:

While playing Mario Kart
Aiden: Okay, this is going to be our last race so we'd better man up!

While sitting by the fire, hands behind head:
Ian: Ah, this is the life

Handing me a tangled slinky:
Ian: Mommy, can you fix this. Five got it all tangled up
M: I know sweetie but it's really tangled. I'm not sure I can fix it.
Ian: Well, that's five's problem.

Aiden: Mom what would you rather eat a cat or a dog?
M: Um, I don't want to eat either of those!
Aiden: Dad, what about you? Would you rather eat a cat or a dog?
HH: hmmm, a dog. They have more meat on them. Other countries eat dog no problem.
Aiden: Yea, like in Mexico.
HH: No, not Mexico.
Aiden: Yea, New Mexico.
M: laughing, I'll be sure to tell uncle Jose that one!

At dinner:
Ian: Can I pee outside?
HH: Well, yes.
Ian: Can mommy pee outside?
HH: She could but not as easily.
Ian: mommy pees outside!!
HH: No, no she doesn't
M: *glaring*
HH: She would have to squat, she can't stand up like you
M: *kicking HH under the table for encouraging the pee talk at the dinner table*
Ian: Like a dog? Mommy has to squat like a dog to pee outside? Mommy is like a dog!
**fits of laughter from all the boys at the table**

At school someone brought in cupcakes for their birthday and a little girl didn't like them. Aiden looked at her and said "Are they too sweet for your tastes?" ~ What 9 year old comes up with that?!

Sadly, there are so many more that I just can't remember. Maybe I should start a twitter. Hmmm