Friday, July 20, 2012

This Crazy Beautiful Life

Who decides to start a second new business while in the process of moving and agrees to consider taking on a 3rd part time/work from home job? Oh wait, that would be this girl right here.

I've clearly lost my damn mind. Either that or I'm just really broke and trying to fix it. Yea, that's more likely.

Regardless, I am now the owner of not one but TWO new businesses. The first one is part owner of a photography company here in OH. We do everything but specialize in weddings. Callie, the creative genius behind the camera is pretty amazing. I can not wait until she gets to put her full heart in to what she loves. Baby steps, we're getting there! Check out: Love Knots Photography for more info. We're pretty fabulous, if I do say so myself.
Today we signed our first official wedding contract. You have no idea how HUGE this is. We're just babies starting out even though Callie has been doing this for 10 years now. For the two of us, this is a big deal. We're kind of a big deal!

My second new venture is all about sparkles! Back in March I hosted a jewelry party with a friend of mine (Andrea, you should check out her blog: Are You Listening? ) She sells Premier and I'd been looking for my yearly party. I've done Pure Romance a few times, Pampered Chef and I wanted something different. It was super fun and after I ran in to a slight issue with a pair of earrings and had a replacement in less then a week I decided it was a no brainer. This was a company I could get, they have super cute jewelry and what girl doesn't love that?! So I emailed Andrea and here we are. I become an official Premier Designs Independent Distributor tomorrow after my training/kick off show. I'm SUPER excited about this. I've done direct sales before with Pampered Chef and Avon....and let me tell you, 7 years makes a huge difference. I was so awkward and uncomfortable in my own skin then. I was nervous I was going to do or say the wrong thing or somehow screw things up. Now? Eh, I've got this. I'm still nervous but I'm not that girl anymore. If it works? AWESOME!! If not? Well, then I'll know it's truly not for me. The best part of this though? The jewelry sells itself. It's beautiful, it's not outrageously priced and it's FUN. I gave up my accessorizing skills when I had kids...I just ran out of time and wore my wedding set and the same simple necklace Do you know what I've learned since March? If I'm wearing a kick ass necklace or fabulous earrings...nobody is paying attention to the fact that I'm rocking clearance Target tank tops and Old Navy Jeans. It's like using the kids as a distraction so people don't notice you skipped showering or putting make up on. It's great!

So, that's my update! We're in the process of moving which is a whole other post! What a whirlwind. Loving this crazy beautiful life though!

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andrea said...

both of your business will be THROUGH THE ROOF successful because you, my friend, are one driven, motivated, fun woman! so glad to be with you on this adventure