Wednesday, September 5, 2012

First Day of (Pre) School

My baby started preschool yesterday. Some people are all "OMG, it's mah bay-bee!!" and I'm all "OMG I GET TWO WHOLE DAYS TO MY SELF, SEE YA BYE"

This is how I celebrated:
 And then I took a nap. Okay, so I ran some errands but then for real, I took a long ass nap to recover from being sick all weekend and getting no sleep the night before due to cold meds that hate me. That nap was almost as amazing as that pumpkin spice latte!

I've never had any guilt over leaving my kids. I NEED a break, we all need a break. If you leave your child attached to you 24/7 and never let them stay with grandma to be spoiled rotten or hang out with your friends who will equally spoil them rotten...they're missing out. Seriously! Some of my favorite childhood memories aren't with my parents at all. They're spending weekends with my grandparents or having sleepovers with my friends. Even the crazy baby sitters that we had make for great stories. Like the evil wench that tried to make us go to bed before midnight on NYE. Um, who are you kidding?! We totally hid in my parents room while she talked on the phone and watched the ball drop.

Point is, kids need their parents to back the hell off once in awhile and let them be kids. Let them BREATH!

So here is my handsome guy. He picked out his backpack and his lunch box, I did not buy a special first day of school outfit, he picked his own. I did not make any pinterest projects or countdowns. This is how we roll, we keep it simple.

Before School! 

 After I picked him up and got the.biggest.hug.

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