Thursday, September 6, 2012

Waiting for the notes

I'm waiting for the notes to come home from school.

"Please talk to Ian about his use of potty words in the classroom. We do not find his chicken butt jokes funny." Who doesn't find chicken butts hilarious? He says the other kids laugh.

"We would appreciate it if Ian would stop asking everyone if they are eating a dead animal. It's rather distracting at the lunch table" Well, it *is* a turkey sandwich...

"Ian again asked Sally if she wanted him to shake his booty, she does not. Please talk to him about not shaking his booty at school. We appreciate his love of music but maybe some more 4 year old appropriate songs would be good?" Hey, he likes to dance.

"While we understand the Ian does not finish the sentence his use of 'What The' is not appropriate." hmmm, I got nothing.

I had to edit this to add the conversation from this morning:

M: Ian, you're going to use nice words at school today, right? No potty words?
I: Yep
M: And your manners? Please, May I, thank you...
I: Yep. And no D words.
M: No, no D words. We don't talk like that. We use nice words
I: Ok, no oh my dammit. I won't say dammit at school. And no oh my god.
M: Right, because we don't talk like that.

**we totally talk like that, I'm such a liar. dammit**

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