Saturday, January 2, 2016

The Resolutions Post

I wasn't going to post anything about resolutions because who wants to read another one of *those* posts.

The thing is, for me, Jan is the first time I can sit and think after my birthday and as I've mentioned before my birthday hit me like a ton of bricks. So, this year I need to make some changes. I need to find ME and find my happy. My life is pretty great already. My kids kind of rock and my husband makes me smile every day. I recently found a quote to my wall that says "I love you and I like you" and I'm struck by just how true that is. So many times the people we love we don't always like...and vice versa. When you find those people that fit both, hold on tight, they're the keepers.

I'm getting off subject here though.

Do you make resolutions? Big ones for the year, little ones for the month? The week?
Right now, I'm trying to focus on eating better. I can't go crazy and deny myself everything (as I sip a glass of wine while writing this) but I need to cut back on the fast food, the crap lunches at work and then lack of water. I hate water so that's a big one.

I also want to do more creative stuff just for fun, not because I'm planning a party (although I do LOVE a party!) but just because I want to create something. Write, use my fancy cameo, scrapbook, take pictures...something. Something, every single day, that is for just me and makes me happy. Tonight, it's this post. I almost went to bed instead...and to be honest, that qualifies as something I love! I love my sleep! BUT, instead, I grabbed my laptop and am sitting on the couch while 2 of my boys watch the old Star Wars movies. This my friends, this is the good stuff.

I suppose I should add "update blog pictures" to the list. My kids are almost 13 and 7.5...although that screaming over Santa's cookies is still one of my favorites!

Happy 2016! Whatever you decide to do this year, I hope you do it...and if you don't, that's okay too. Let's not call them about suggestions? :)

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