Monday, September 8, 2008

Cookie Dough

Have I ever mentioned how much I love cookie dough? Seriously, love it. I used to make cookies, just to eat the dough. I would freeze it and save it for later, it was fabulous. Mixed with ice cream...orgasmic. I am fairly certain if you look closely, you can see little chunks of cookie dough and chocolate chips on my ass and thighs. You probably don't want to get that close though.

This love affair began as a child, every kid likes to lick the beaters while mom bakes cookies, it's the best part....and so it began. Until one day something tragic happened. I turned 23 and my metabolism came to a screeching halt. Suddenly all that cookie dough was showing up in places it hadn't before. We had to part ways and go to more of a long distance friends with benefits status. I would still indulge with the occasional blizzard or spoonful while baking but had to stay away for fear of having to be rolled to and from my car.

Today we stopped for ice cream after a meeting at Aiden's school. It was a little custard stand and Aiden got a twist cone dipped in chocolate. I, being the now responsible adult that I am, passed. I had exactly enough WW points left for 1 cup of my raspberry chocolate chunk ice cream at home. And man is that stuff good, so it was totally worth it. That is, until my long lost lover appeared inside a large paper cup. Rich vanilla soft serve swirled around chunks of dough and chocolate...real chocolate chips. Watching Jared eat that was like sweet torture. I couldn't help myself, I had to have a bite...just one, just a small taste of a long lost love. ahhh...heaven.


kccat said...

I can sympathize with ya on this one but the rasperry chocolate chunk is definately worth it.

BTW, nice background ;)

Annegirrl said...

Oh cookie dough, how we love thee.

My friends and I would mix it up and sit on the floor with the bowl, 3 spoons, 3 huge glasses of milk and a chick-flick. Those were the best Friday nights ever!

Heather said...

i can so relate...when i was pregnant i would make cookie dough without eggs so i could safely eat it.

hope the cozi works out for you!