Friday, September 5, 2008

It all started with the stupid farmer

M: What did you do at school today?
A: Oh, nothing really.
M: Nothing? You had to do something
A: I played on the 'puter a little bit
M: Oh yea? Did you play the farm game?
A: Yea, everytime I play I pick that silly Farmer, it's so much fun.
M: Sounds like fun
A: The little boy in the spider man shirt, want to know what he said? *not stopping for me to answer* He said 'you always pick that stupid farmer'.
M: Oh
A: Yea, he did for real
M: Well we don't say stupid, that's not very nice
A: I know, that's a bad word
M: But you know not to call people stupid, right?
A: I know. You know what else is a bad word? Fuckin'
M: wha...wha..what???
A: Yep, Fuckin' is a really bad word
M: yes it is, and you do not say that word, ever.
A: I know, I was just telling you.
M: I know, you can tell me. Where did you hear that?
A: *looooooonng pause*...At grandma and grandpa's
M: Who said it over there? (shocked at this point that he didn't say daddy b/c, well, daddy isn't always so good at watching his mouth)
A: Gabriel, a long time ago.
M: REALLY? Gabe said that?
A: Yea, he said 'what is wrong with fuckin' people'. But he was like, 4 or something.
**Gabe just turned 6...nice**


A: Mommy, do you know that teacher?
M: Your teacher, Mrs F?
A: NO, not MY teacher (he gets upset when we don't understand his story)
M: what teacher, sweetie?
A: The other teacher, you know...the other one.
M: I don't know what teacher, do you know her name?
A: no, I don't know her name *pause* I don't want to say fat, but ummm..well...
M: No Aiden, you don't ever call someone fat, that is very rude.
A: I know! She's the teacher with the sandal shoes.
M: *still having no clue* Oh, okay, yea I know her

Both of these conversations took place in the 7 minute car ride between school and Walmart. I still have no idea what he did at school today or what he ate for lunch. I did find out that his best buddy from preschool last year, doesn't want to play with him this year. Since it's not appropriate for me to smack a 5 year old for being mean to my little boy...I'll let them work it out. I'm sure they'll be friends again next week, but it's so hard to see my "baby" upset over something I have no control over :(

Speaking of little boys...we had a bit of a penile problem this evening...and not with the infant. Aiden kept playing with himself and after me telling him for the 10th time to get his hands out of his underwear he told me his pee pee hurt. He showed Jared and sure enough, it was diaper rash red. Jared cleaned him up and put some "medicine" aka baby diaper rash cream on it. Hopefully it helps.

And, I've been up since 5:30am...I'm tired...need sleep, lots of sleep!


Karol said... That's too freaking funny!

*love the new background!

andrea said...

oh my goodness Aiden's stories crack me up. I can't wait to hear more!!

and the new background is fab!

kccat said...

All I can say is WOW. These stories are too funny. I had to read them aloud to DH.

Just for the record, I say the F word at age 3 in front of my granny. She almost had a heart attack and ripped my mom a new one. :)

Annegirrl said...

Ah, I love thee. :-)

He's not spoken for yet is he? He might have to wait for Katie to get old enough for him.

Karol said...

Stacy...I've got something for you!!

gotta come over though!! (to my blog...duh!)