Friday, May 22, 2009


1. Handsome Hubby kind of sucks.
We have a wedding to go to this weekend and I needed a dress. I managed to find one that I was pretty happy with. Here was the conversation when I tried it on at home:

HH: You like that pattern, huh? *laughing*
ME: What are you talking about? (I really thought this dress was different then any others I had)
HH: Grinning (he thinks I buy the same style of everything)
ME: I don't have a dress that looks like this
HH: Don't you have a bathing suit with almost the exact design?
ME: Well...kind of, I guess...
HH: *walks away*

Really, would it have been so hard to say 'wow honey, I really like that' or even 'your ass looks huge, take it back'. SOMETHING...grrrr.

2. I need to get my ass moving and start eating better and working out. I'm almost the same size I was at this time last year...but oh wait, I was still PREGNANT!

3. I'm stressing out over T1's teacher next year. I'm hearing a lot of mixed reviews...and none are particularly stellar. Some are just 'not so bad' while others are just plain upsetting. He's staying in the school no matter what...but I have a feeling it'll be a long year. Plus, his best bud is switching schools for this same reason. :(

4. Speaking of school...T1 goes to a Montessori school and I never realize how opinionated some people are on Montessori vs. "regular" school.'s crazy. We're not going there b/c I'm hardcore in to the teaching style, it was just the best school in the area that we could send him to. I have no issues with "regular" public school...I just have issues with my local public schools. If you read THIS post, you can probably guess why. That being said, I do love his really LOVE it and I think it's good for him.

5. I was kicking myself as I thought of good BFF material that it was only Thursday and not Friday...and then I remembered that I'm a dumbass and I can set it to post in the AM. Of course, now that I'm finally sitting down, I forgot all those blog you get the junk posted above. more.
I'm setting up a pay pal account to accept donations to me and my family. You know, we have 2 kids and we live in the borderline ghetto...and well, times are tough. So, if you'd like to send us a donation to help us out, we'd greatly appreciate it, really we would.

What? The Duggars are accepting donations, why can't I? I have kids to feed too ya know!

Thanks for visiting :)

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Anonymous said...

Sexy Beast has the same problem - his mama never taught him to just say "it's beautiful, you look beautiful, buy it, let's go"

Oh, I sent you an email about this but then I realized it was going to someone there laughs his ass off at all the emails that come from me there :) anyway, thanks for the info on my 13yr old boy skin problems.

And did I ever tell you I love the new design? cuz I do!