Thursday, August 20, 2009

I lied

In my Questions post.

I lied.

I said I would answer in the comments section but since Noelle was my first and ONLY (sob!) question, she gets her own post :)

oooh, i am 1st!! that means I get to ask about you and handsome hubby's LOVE STORY!! juicy details please!! where did you meet? did you know he was the ONE? etc. etc. etc.!!

A lot of you that read this blog, already know the story...but for Noelle and those who don't, here goes. The teen angst and drama filled nonsense that began our relationship!

Spring Break of my senior year my best friend and I were hanging out, trying to find something to do. We didn't go on a trip or anything exciting, I got out of work by saying I had mono (I *could* have had mono since my friend had it a few weeks earlier...I was 18, give me a break).
My best friend, we'll call her Jane, worked in a restaurant and was always crushing on someone at work...and with good reason, she worked with some hotties. We stopped in at her work and asked one of the guys who had just turned 21 (HH) to come over and to bring his roommate. (roomie being for me, supposedly)
It was late by the time they got there, my parents were in bed. We were hanging out in my family room and they brought Woodchuck. I'm not a beer drinker, I sipped on one and that was about it. I was doing everything to put Jane and HH together...making sure they were sitting next to each other, busting out pictures...typical silly HS girl games. UGH, I annoy myself just typing it.
Jane ended up drinking way too much, she's a tiny little thing. She got sick in my bathroom and had HH holding her hair back. Thinking back, it was actually pretty funny. My mom woke up to see what was going, I wasn't in trouble there was no screaming. She told us to keep it down before my dad got up and told the boys they weren't driving home. They moved their car down to the circle at the end of our street and we hid in my room until my dad left for work. Now, even though you'd think the guys would be all about being forced to stay the night with 2 girls...HH had already made comments about my dads gun collection above the fireplace. So yea, he was a bit nervous. LOL Jane and HH's roomie passed out, HH and I stayed up talking all night. We talked about everything, he was totally open and honest. There were no games, there were no moves made...just talking. It was bizarre and awesome.

That morning they left and I didn't think anything of it. Yes, I thought he was great but my best friend had "dibs". He was also the opposite of anyone I normally would date...and actually the guy I always said I wouldn't date. Go figure.

After a lot of drama...stupid girl drama...we ended up meeting up a few more times and have been together ever since. I found out later that he thought the whole reason we invited him over was b/c Jane was trying to fix him up with me. I guess he'd made comments about me when I'd stop in to visit her at work. (which was a lot) I'm not sure when I knew he was the one, we just clicked. We went from meeting to acting like we'd known each other forever within months. Oh...and I got to keep my best friend too. I'm a lucky girl.
We've been together 10 years and married almost 5!


Karol said...

I still get a laugh out of that story! You two are so great for each other. Love ya!

Anonymous said...

I have a qustion why did you stop wrighting your short storys :))

The Red Headed Mama said...

"anonymous", :)

I didn't completely stop...I just haven't picked up the one you like in a LONG time. Maybe I will, just for you. If I can even find it. oy.

*Noelle* said...

Awww! great story!! thanks for dedicating a whole post to me hun!!

hugs ♥

*Noelle* said...

who's anonymous??