Monday, August 17, 2009

TMI...more things I should not blog about

I am warning you now, this blog will contain more then you care to know about. More then I should probably share. If you remember THIS post, you'll realize I don't have much of a filter when I find something embarrassing and yet hilarious to blog about. I will say, if for some reason my family ever finds this blog and I find out about it...this entry will disappear. There are just some things I don't want to share with the family (but immediately MUST share with blogshere, go figure)

Okay, you've been warned so here we go!

After a fun but EXHAUSTING weekend of camping with not one, not two but FOUR boys...Handsome Hubby and I were in need of a little us time, a little quiet time. We got unpacked and finally got the boys in bed. I caught up on some work stuff and we decided to watch a little tv before bed. Half way through our first episode of Weeds (season 3, we're behind) it started skipping and was just being a PITA so we turned it off. HH had that look in his eye, know "the" look. He apparently thought we were going to re-enact the kitchen scene from Hot Shots as he was running ice on my belly and under my shirt. He's a funny funny guy, that hubby of mine.
In an effort not to get in to way more detail then you need to know...let's just say things got a little more x-rated from that point on and we never actually made it upstairs.
As we lying in a heap on the floor b/c it's freaking 90 degrees in our house, we hear a noise from upstairs. HH glances up, only to see that crazy 6 year old of ours standing at the top of the stairs.

Yep...I'll be paying the therapist bills about that one for years to come.

He asked what we were doing...and so naturally we said wrestling. Hey, what's a girl to do under pressure?! Here are bit and pieces of the conversations that followed last night and later today:

T1: Mommy, why are you and daddy wrestling?
HH: Oh, we were bored.
T1: Why doesn't mommy have pants on?
M: I do, silly boy. Go back to bed. I'll be up in a minute to tuck you in.
T1: I came down to tell you something but I was afraid I would get in trouble so I just stood here until you were done wrestling. Did daddy put ice in your shirt?
M: Oh sweetie, just get back in bed.
HH: Yea, we were just playing. It's fine.

**at some point HH may have mentioned that I won the fight and said something about my arm transforming in to a bionic arm. I can't be certain, I'm kind of hoping that was a bad dream**

This morning nothing was said, until we're in the car on the way to my parents house:

T1: Mommy, did you or daddy win the fight?
M: I did
T1: How did you win?
M: I tickled daddy until he gave in
T1: Why was daddy's face down by your pee pee? It looked like he was biting you!
** oh yea folks, who knows the name of a good therapist, I'd like to start making payments now**
M: No silly, we were just goofing around!!So, what's the name of that new transformer you borrowed??

I was really hoping that he wouldn't be able to see much at the angle he was at. He said he would look out the window on the landing b/c our neighbor was out and then look back at us. I about DIED. Thank goodness we did eventually turn the light OFF and then it was way too dark for him to see much more.

I am now deathly afraid to leave my child alone with my parents or any other adult for that matter!! I can only imagine the things he would say. "I watched mommy and daddy wrestle and mommy didn't have pants on. They were making lots of funny noises and daddy was going muh muh muh by mommy's pee pee. They're weird when they wrestle" AHHHHHHH!!!!

So yes, all extra curricular activities will be kept in the bedroom from now on, with the door shut and a new lock installed.
Also, note to self, actually double check that your children are sleeping...not just in bed trying to think of excuses to come back downstairs!

Sign us up for parents of the year. Yep Yep!


*Noelle* said...

That is SOOOOO funny!!! I needed that laugh tonite!!

I can relate... Gavin wondered years ago what the "pounding" sound was in our room at like 2 am!! lol

My nervous reply, "Maddie (our cat) was under the bed and we were jumping on the bed trying to scare her out of there!"

Oh man, Aiden sounds effects in that story KILL ME!!!

I will be laughing about this one for a loooong time!!!

natalie said...

Oh. WOW. HAHAHAHAHA! I'm sorry, I can't stop laughing! Glad this didn't happen to me ;)

kccat said...

OMG is right!!!

I almost lost it when I read "Why was daddy's face down by your pee pee? It looked like he was biting you."

I can't even begin to imagine what I would do. Let's hope he doesn't repeat this story to anyone!!!

Mommy of M's said...

OMG!!!! That is a heck of a story.

That is such a fear of mine, I am so afraid M1 will catch us, and he tells everyone everything!! I couldn't imagine what would comeout of his mouth!!

andrea said...

this cracked me up stacy!

Karol said...

OMG!! That's freaking hysterical!! I can't stop laughing!! Wow. Can't wait to see the aftermath if he says something later on!! Hopefully he'll

Sarah said...

That's to funny. I might be 3 years late in reading this, but I don't care. Still laughing my butt off!