Friday, October 23, 2009

And I wonder where he gets it

Text with HH

M: Will you be home for dinner?
HH: Should be home before 5:30. What's for dinner?
M: Chicken Divan
HH: That will do, I suppose.
M: Ass :)
HH: That's more like it
M: hahaha

Then, in the morning:

T1: Daddy, why are you wearing that shirt?
HH: What do you mean, it's my shirt?
T1: So why does mommy wear it?
HH: Mommy wears all my clothes.
T1: WHAT? Why does mommy wear your clothes!?
HH: I don't know, you should go to school and tell everyone your mommy is a cross dresser
T1: HAHAH Mommy is a cross dresser! Mommy is a cross dresser!
M: HUN!!!!!

*giant eye roll*

btw, I don't wear all of his clothes. Just some of his tshirts...and maybe a sweat shirt or two...and okay, PJ pants...and maybe I've been known to steal his socks in the winter b/c they were so comfy. Hey, I do the laundry!


*Noelle* said...

omg!!! HH is creating trouble there!!!

Stacy (the Random Cool Chick) said...

AHAHAHAHA! I love it!!

You cross-dresser you! ;)