Sunday, November 8, 2009

Ah, being evil is so much fun

I've mentioned before that HH and I are done having kids. We're both totally fine with that and even on the days that I feel the urge to cuddle and snoogle an itty bitty baby, the idea of actually having another one to care for full time right now makes my head spin. That being said, I love to torment my poor husband, who I think is still afraid that I am going to come to him all doe-eyed and wistful asking to please just have ONE more.
My friend Natalie bought me a birthday card and the outside says:

"Congratulations! I heard you're expecting..."

The inside:

"Another Birthday
(Scared ya, didn't I?)"

Ah, it was perfect.

So last night, while HH is unsuspectingly playing Wii bowling with T1 I casually walk over and say "oh, check out the card Nat bought me" he takes it and read the front and I could literally feel his heart stop beating, his face turn white and in those 10 seconds I thought for sure he might have a heart attack...or pass out...or go for the bottle of vodka on the fridge. Then he opened it.
HH: That's not even fucking funny
M: Blame Nat
HH: Why don't you just get her on the phone.

Mind you, Nat is pregnant and due in Jan, my other friend Karol (and I would link her blog but ahem, she hasn't updated in MONTHS!!! Jeez, like she's busy with work and school and kids or something) is due in April (or is it May?!) I did get Nat on the phone and HH informed her that he was going to put out a restraining order. Since the 3 of us had our first babies all around the same time, I'm pretty sure he thinks I'm going to hop on the bandwagon.

Ah, fun times torturing my poor poor husband...I think it scares him that if I DID decide I wanted another, he'd eventually be the father of 3 b/c let's face it. What mama wants, mama usually finds a way to get. :)

Don't worry hun, I think you're safe on this one!


*Noelle* said...

ahahahaha!! thats funny! i do have an evil side too and YES its fun to bring out at times:)

♥ ya!

Karol said...

I would have LOVED to seen his face!
*yeah, I've been bad and haven't updated in many can I say?! Oh, and I'm due in April :)

Stacy (the Random Cool Chick) said...

AHAHAHAHA! That's way too funny! My hubby would have the same sort of reaction... ;)

freckletree. said...

i'm just glad that there comes a time when you can joke about another kid . . . yeah, not there yet.

love from another redheaded mama!

natalie said...

Hee hee, glad I could help! I knew it would be the perfect card ;)

Funny in my mind said...

I want one so bad! Wait til your are older and you catch up on sleep and they start moving out, then it hits you.

Confessions Of A Working Mom said...

Loooooove this! I gave a card like that to my boyfriend's mother when we were both too young to have kids... still gives me the giggles.

And I love your "just be lucky to have a job" post. AMEN SISTER!