Saturday, November 7, 2009

Lucky to have a job - - a rant

In case you aren't aware, the economy sucks.

People are getting laid off, hours are getting cut, prices are going up and income is going down or just not moving.


That being said, I am incredibly tired of hearing "just be happy you have a job". A lot of employers are using this economic situation to just be dicks. Hey, let's cut payroll by 10%, ask them to do twice the work, scream at them and then just tell them they're lucky to have a job. Let's raise prices and turn in to complete douche bags b/c hey, we need the money.

Fuck that.

How does that help moral? How does that keep employees wanting to actually do a GOOD job rather then just showing up to collect a paycheck? What happened to simple human kindness and actually appreciating the fact that these people come in to do a job that might suck, but they do it well. How about rewarding the employees that show up on time, do what needs to be done and then some, goes above and beyond without ever asking for anything. How about rather then cutting payroll you cut things like, oh, unlimited cell phone plans and spouses on payroll who don't even work for the company? Gee, there's an idea.
Wasn't there a time when businesses were run like family? Yes, I know that is a pipe dream...but, when someone in your family needs help, you help them. You don't back stab, you don't have this "it's all about me and my money" mentality. Who says just because everyone else does it one way that you should to? What happened to being different and going against the grain, to being BETTER HUMAN BEINGS?!

Yes, this is personal. Yes, I'm bitter. Honestly, I can not wait for the day that this "crisis" is over and all those who have been treated like shit (definitely HH) can tell their bosses to fuck off and walk the hell out.

Yes, we're lucky to have jobs, I get it, but I'm so over people thinking you just need to bend over and take it b/c you don't have another option. Guess what? Karma is a bitch. (and yes, at the moment, so am I)

PS, this is my semi-annual opinionated rant, I need those once in awhile :)


Andi said...

I could have written this too!

The OmniCouple said...

Amen Sister!

*Noelle* said...

what makes it even worse is that people with degrees (ah-hem, me!) have to stoop to even get a part time seasonal job to earn $$ to give her kids a Christmas this year!! its BULL SHIT!!