Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Wow, I'm boring

I was trying to think of something to blog about, when I realized I haven't blogged in awhile. You'd think I would have some great stories saved up and that I'm just super crazy busy with my fabulous life to blog. Um, no.

We're having beautiful November days, which I am loving. It'll be gray soon enough, so I'll enjoy seeing sunshine while it lasts.

I was introduced Twilight Fan Fiction. I'm so screwed. As if the books weren't enough of an addiction, now it's like a never ending supply of Edward. Oh, and let's not even discuss the Stephanie Plum fanfic I have waiting for me. Ahhh...Ranger, oh Ranger.
I don't normally ask questions...but if you have read the Stephanie Plum series, I have to know. Are you team Ranger or team Morelli? If you have no idea what I'm talking about, check out Janet Evanovich. You won't be sorry.

Oh...New Moon comes out on Friday. I'm excited as hell. No, not just for the movie...for the fact that one of my best friends and I are meeting up Monday morning for Starbucks and then smuggling some of the best cupcakes known to man in to 11am showing. It's going to be sinful and glorious and much needed girl time. Ahhhhh.

Handsome Hubby hates his job. My heart breaks for him when I see how beat down he is getting, it's really taking a toll on his self esteem and it sucks. He's ridiculously smart and doesn't give himself enough credit and I wish something would change for him, and soon. *sigh*

Yep, that's about it around here. The boys are good...T1 is still a chatter box in school but is doing well when he does manage to get his work finished. T2 is in to every.thing. So much fun and so maddening all at the same time :)

Oh...and my PSA for the day:
It is November. We have not had turkey yet. DO NOT TURN YOUR CHRISTMAS LIGHTS ON!! Seriously, don't do it. It's wrong. Hang them? Sure, go for it, but leave the damn things turned off until Black Friday. K, thanks.


The OmniCouple said...

Don't you hate when hubbies don't love their jobs?

Scott is in the same boat, but he sticks it out. He sticks it out to provide well for us, and he sticks it out because he is a full-time college student. When he graduates he can move up in the company to the position he wants, they are even paying for his schooling. In the meantime, he is stuck in his current position that he just does not enjoy. It sucks!

I don't have an exiting life, either. We are very boring people. We hang out at home, watch TV, play video games, and blog. LOL! That is why so much of my blog is random stuff, and not really personal posts. I run low on stuff to write in the life department.

Andrea (ace1028) said...

Ooh, are you talking about the chocolatey-chocolate cupcakes? Or the buttercream ones? Mmmn, yum!

Karol said...

Oh, yes. Monday will be such a wonderful day. I just hope someone *ah-hem* doesn't eat all the deliciousness!! ;)

*Noelle* said...

Brian has felt that way for years with 2 diff. jobs! He loves what he does know but doesn't make SHIT! for $$!

So I think I have been seeing that new series of books you are talking about and thought about reading them!! Good huh??

I miss ya! Come visit my blog soon:)