Tuesday, January 5, 2010

5 days in

I've made it 5 days in to this whole Project 365 and only once did I resort to taking a picture of one of the boys. What can I say? He was being darn cute.

And, of course there are stories for most of these...so, here goes:

This was HH's way of loading the dishwasher

He was offended that I had to take a picture (and this was before I decided to do this project!) but I couldn't help myself. I mean, everyone puts wine glasses on the bottom, right? And plastic plates and cups...

So, in all fairness, I took a picture the day I loaded the dishwasher


And...things that make me happy this week.


♥ Noelle ♥ said...

haha! i'm blowing my "diet" for this year! gained 3 lbs back... SUCK IT SCALE!!!!! lol

♥ Noelle ♥ said...


come enter my giveaway ♥

Kati said...

Yes, I think all men are dishwasher stupid... because my husband cannot seem to get it right either. I am a true believer they do it on purpose so we quit asking them to do it :)

Karol said...

hmmm...love the blue margarita!! :) and of course your cute little men!

natalie said...

And yeah, hubby may wanna work on his loading skills ;)

Amy Combs said...

Hehehe.... HH and I load the dishwasher the same way!

andrea said...

lol at the dishwasher.

how did you get the names/dates on your pictures? did you use picasa? jw