Thursday, January 28, 2010

My first carnival

No, no no. Not the kind with rides, cotton candy and scary guys asking you to pop balloons with sharp objects. I've been to plenty of those.
This is a blog carnival.

I've mentioned on here before that I am on a couple local message boards. Back when I was planning my wedding I was addicted to Seriously, it was a sickness. There was a local board over there and as we all had our weddings and moved on to having families (well, except for those of us that did it backwards, but, whatever) we needed something else. One of the boards that was eventually created by a group of those same women is all about being or trying to become a mommy. My friends laughed at me when I was on the knot, they called it a cult and thought it just ridiculous...but now that I have these amazing women, who all have different opinions, thoughts and experiences to share, I'm so glad I was a part of that cult. My local boards are the go-to place when I have questions, when I need to vent or when I just want to tell a funny story to someone who gets it. Only other mothers (and 11 year old little boys) find poop stories funny.

Anyway, Paige started this Blog Carnival for us...each week we'll have a topic to post and discuss. Feel free to join in, you don't have to be an AntiDramaMama to participate. It's just fun...and be sure to check out the links below for some awesome and hilarious blogs.

This week's question:
What is your child's favorite and least favorite food?

Let's start with the eldest child. When he was tiny and we were young and didn't know any better we were all "oh, look, he likes peas...and green beans!" He ate most anything we gave him at first, HH's family was so impressed at Thanksgiving when he wanted more peas. His aunt proclaimed him to have a sophisticated palate.
Yea, then he hit 18 months and this is what his palate consisted of:

We spent a long time living on chicken nuggest, mac and cheese, PB&J, any bread, most fruits and of course waffles and pancakes. We'd sneak the ocassional veggie in there but for the most part, he was your typical toddler.
At 7, he tries most everything once. He has a definite opinion on what he does and doesn't like. Green beans, but only if they are from daddy's garden. Pizza. Celery with dip. Apples, peeled and cored but not sliced. We rarely have to fight with him to eat his dinner and generally, he'll try all the food at least once (Thank you YMCA preschool for starting that with lunch! Must try 1 of everything on your plate!) He still refuses broccoli and for some strange reason, will not eat soup. Of any kind.

Now, while my Mr. Thing 1 was pretty typical...his brother, is not. You see, this little guy eats everything...and anything....and Including markers. Yea...

And yes, he's following his marker snack up with water from my squirt bottle.

He's almost 19 months and I have a handful of things he doesn't eat and even those, it really just depends on his mood. Oh, and the kid likes HOT. Must get that from daddy. Handsome Hubby is addicted to this stuff:

I put a tiny drop on Thing 2's plate the other night because he kept going for HH's, and he screamed for more.
I can't say if he has a favorite food...he just loves food. At the moment his least favorite is probably Cheerios, apparently they simply do not have enough flavor for him. Which kind of sucks since I have a huge family size x2 box.

Okay, so visit the other blogs and feel free to play along (just make sure to link up!)

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Brooke said...

Yes Ian certainly is not the typical child. Although the story with Aiden having to try one thing of everything gave me hope for Connor!

Paige said...

I'm so glad to be part of this cult too! Have you submitted your weekly quart of blood yet? :)

That pic with the marker-mouth water bottle is priceless. You sound like you have good eaters. I thought ALL kids liked cheerios!

andrea said...

what, no cheerios?!! Am shocked.

and that pictures of I is freaking hilarious.

Shell said...

I'm so jealous that you have spicy food eaters at your house!

Grand Pooba said...

Well, you make being in a cult sound like not such a bad thing! HAHA! Hmmmm, my furry children will eat anything!

Anonymous said...

Oh that picture is just too cute!