Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Saying "Thank You"

As parents we strive to teach our children manners. Please, Thank You, You're Welcome, May I...etc etc etc.

So, why is it as adults, we slack off? Why do we forget to say please and thank you to the people that mean the most, that do the most for us? Do we simply start taking others for granted? Do we just forget in our busy day to day lives to thank the people who make it possible?

Even though my husband cleans in a different way and does things differently, I try to make it a point to tell him thank you. To tell him that I appreciate the fact that he helps out, that he does dishes and throws a load of laundry in when I'm swamped with other stuff, that when I'm in full blown panic mode he sits me down and asks me what he can do to help me out. Granted, sometimes all I want is for him to take the kids and leave me be...but that's not the point, right? :)

I think sometimes employers forget simple manners. Simple ways of telling the people who work for you, thank you. Thank you for supporting us, thank you for working hard to keep things going. Let's be honest, with out the employees...the employers would have nothing. It's simple human kindness, it's simple appreciation. I know right now most companies can't afford bonuses...or are using the economy as an excuse to skip out on bonuses and raises...but how about a simple Thank You. HH's company used to give out grocery store gift cards at Thanksgiving and they skipped it this year. They sent out a form letter/memo to everyone saying how the appreciate their hard work during these tough times. That is not the kind of Thank You I'm talking about...mass impersonal memo's floating around the office, yea...doesn't exactly have the same meaning behind it.

My point is, the next time someone does something nice for you...the next time someone goes above and beyond just say Thanks. Send a card, send an email, buy them a cup of coffee. It's the little things.


Kim said...

I got on to my son for sounding so bossy and sharp with his little sister. Then it hit me-- that's how I probably sound to him a lot. You're right, sometimes we forget the best way to teach is by example.

♥ Noelle ♥ said...

I do forget to say thanks out in public and my hubby corrects me, sooo embarassing!! (lol)

By the way, thanks for being my FAB friend and thanks for calling me HOT!!!!

love ya ♥

andrea said...

i wrote a post about this same exact topic a few months ago.

thanks for posting your meal planning advice :)

Karol said...

amen sista! i agree 100%!! I was actually having this conversation with a regular of mine about the hell hole i work in...i really pray your hubby finds a new job (close to home) soon!