Saturday, January 2, 2010

Who says romance is dead?

Thing 1 spent the night with my parents last night, enjoying his last few days before school starts again.

So anyway, after failing to find blue caroaco for my blue margaritas on NYE, I ran through the liquor store in my parents small town and there is was! I grabbed sushi on the way home and HH and I settled in for the night. We put the baby down and snuggled on the couch to watch Bourne Supremacy. (Love me some Matt Damon)

A movie and 3 margaritas later (what?) there was some cuddling and kissing going on. This was the conversation that ensued:

HH: You know I would have been fine just cuddling, I know you're tired.
M: Yea, well...
HH: It feels good to just hold you *all wrapped up on the couch*
M: Awe *snuggle*
HH: Of course it feels good to grab your boobs too
M: *laughing*
HH: Yep, I can kill the romance *snapping fingers*
M: hahahaha, yes you can
M: I'm so going to blog about this
HH: What?
M: Oh yea
HH: What, it'll go something like "and then he said..."
M: No, I'll just post it just as the conversation happened
HH: Oh, that's a little weird.

and then he went back to grabbing my boobs.

The End.